Proposal: Villa Nouns


We propose to transform a villa in Sardinia, Italy into the first nounish vacation destination.

The villa will serve as a curated space, dedicated to showcasing NFT art and projects from the Nouns ecosystem. Strategically disseminated throughout the property, nounish items and decorations will enhance the overall aesthetic. This unique setting will offer guests an engaging experience that blurs the line between onchain and offchain.

Besides being the first initiative of this kind, Villa Nouns is also pioneering innovative technological solutions. In fact guests will be able to:

  • book the villa fully onchain, on
  • unlock the property by connecting their wallet, and share virtual keys using
  • discover the Nouns universe by interacting with the villa
  • purchase any displayed nounish items onchain, via

The entire Nouns ecosystem will be involved in the project as:

  • Nouners will influence how the villa and experience evolve over time
  • Profits from item sales will be shared with the relative projects, as well as the Nouns treasury

The villa is already built and accommodates guests year-round, with peak activity during the summer season. If the proposal is approved we aim to fully complete the project within 8-16 weeks, and host the first guests during Summer 2023.

The initiative is led by the property owner, a real estate developer with decades of experience in the industry. Other parties involved include:

  • dlabs ( – A team of experienced developers who worked on projects like Nouns Agora, Optimism, Slice and Juicebox. They will build the website for onchain bookings, smart contracts such as the Villa Nouns NFT collection, as well as anything required for the on-site interactive experience
  • Nouns projects and communities – These include ComicsDAO, Gnars, SharkDAO and any other community or project that wants to be represented at Villa Nouns
  • Architects and designers studio: in charge of the villa redesign
  • Artists and video makers: to create promotional material for Villa Nouns

Future plans

  • Extending the concept to more properties and activities such as houses, restaurants, pools and tennis courts. Ultimately, we envision establishing the first Nouns Village in the same area and expanding to other locations worldwide.
  • For 3-6 months every year, offer the villa as a gathering place for digital artists, developers, and creatives within the Nouns ecosystem to facilitate collaboration, networking, and skill-sharing while leading to the creation of projects.

The nounish experience

References to many past and future Nouns projects will be seamlessly integrated with the interiors of the villa and the surrounding natural environment.

Visitors will be able to read the Nouns comic, ride Gnars skateboards, watch the Nouns movie, dive into the history of Nouns, and more. Furthermore, holders of Nouns and derivatives will enjoy an even more personalised experience, customising screens and interiors of the villa based on their NFTs.


Villa Nouns will display several nounish objects, furniture and decorations, including stone mosaics and murals. It will also evolve over time due to new projects and the adoption of ideas coming from the Nouns community.

Booking and entering the villa

Guests will book the villa on, which will provide an Airbnb-like experience with on-chain payments (initially in ETH and USDC).

Upon purchase, they will also receive Villa Nouns NFTs, a collection with a supply growing by up to 365 units per year. Payments will be processed through a decentralised store on

To access to the villa, guests unlock the smart lock by connecting their wallet and verifying their onchain purchase. Other wallets can also be appointed by the buyer to unlock the villa using


  • ComicsDAO has agreed to release a one pager dedicated to Villa Nouns, if the proposal is successful. It will be found at the villa, along with the other Nouns comic chapters.
  • Nouns communities will have the option to sponsor areas of the house and fully customise their spaces.
  • We have collected interest and feedback from multiple Nouns communities, but are looking forward to dive more into how each would like to be represented at the villa.

The villa and location

Villa Nouns is an elegant mansion offering stunning views over the La Maddalena Archipelago, one of Italy’s most coveted tourist destinations.

The spacious interior is designed for relaxation and focus, thanks to cutting-edge technology, handcrafted decorations and furniture, and a refined style. The outdoor patio and large private garden are perfect for enjoying al fresco dining, relaxing in the Jacuzzi, and immersing in nature.

The villa includes a large living room with a sofa bed, four bedrooms (three with queen beds, two of which have en-suite bathrooms, and one with twin beds), and three bathrooms with hydromassage showers.

Features a 1250 sqm garden, a heated four-person Jacuzzi, high-speed Starlink internet connection, heating and air conditioning, and private parking for up to two cars.

The location

The villa is located in the heart of Costa Smeralda (Sardinia, Italy) between the picturesque port town Palau and the popular spot Roccia dell’Orso. Its prime location provides easy access to beautiful beaches and renowned attractions.

The spectacular Maddalena islands, are just a short boat ride away, while the prestigious Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo are conveniently close, making it the perfect location to enjoy the most evocative places Sardinia has to offer.

See more images on


Expected Revenues

  • Rental income: Generated through rental fees from guests staying at Villa Nouns.
  • Physical and NFT sales: Offering guests the opportunity to purchase NFT art or objects showcased at the villa.
  • Partnerships and collaborations: Working with local businesses or other web3 brands to create exclusive experiences for guests.

Part of profits will be sent to the Nouns treasury, while the rest will be reinvested to improve and grow the initiative.

Benefits to Nouns

  • Drive innovation: Villa Nouns aims to pioneer a fully onchain, end-to-end Airbnb-like experience. By funding it Nouns reaffirms its commitment to be at the forefront of web3 innovation, while setting the ground for exciting future developments.
  • Proliferation: Offering a Nouns-themed rental home will continuously onboard new audiences to Nouns.
  • Original IRL experience: Catering to the growing demand for immersive, Nouns-inspired in-person experiences, Villa Nouns will help gauge the interest for such initiatives from inside and outside the Nouns ecosystem.
  • Community engagement: Encouraging Nouns community members to gather in a physical space will help strengthen the community and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Revenue generation: Rental income, NFT sales, and partnerships generate revenue that will be reinvested into the greater Nouns ecosystem to support further growth and development.


  • June 2023 - October 2023
    • Villa Nouns refurbishment and redesign
    • Development of website, on-chain booking experience and smart contracts
  • From July 2023
  • From 2024
    • Extend the initiative to more villas nearby
    • Establish a recreational space in the same residential area with restaurant, pool, tennis court, etc
    • Expand the concept to other locations worldwide

Funding request


  • [Website] Build the platform, with an innovative onchain booking experience and dashboard for guests to easily manage their bookings.
  • [Smart contract] Onchain actions used to execute arbitrary logic upon booking. From minting Villa Nouns NFT to evaluating additional conditions based on the buyer.
  • [Smart contract] Pricing strategy for the onchain bookings. Price will be dynamic and highly customisable, allowing for example to change price based on booking period and set discounts for holders of Nouns or derivatives.
  • [Smart contract] Villa Nouns NFT collection, with logic inspired from the original Nouns NFT.
  • [On-site] Support in developing and fine-tune the interactive experience at the villa. This includes the design and installation of smart locks that react based on onchain state, as well as the configuration and setup of other onchain devices in the villa.

Villa redesign and refurbishment

  • [Professional services] Architects and interior designers involved in the redesign process
  • [Renovation] upgrade the villa’s interior and exterior to incorporate Nouns-themed objects, decorations, furniture, NFT displays, and other technologies to make the guests experience unique.

Staffing and operational costs

  • Allocate a villa manager to ensure a smooth nounish experience to guests all year round, as well as handle bookings, communications, maintenance.
  • All operational costs related to bring Villa Nouns to fruition, from managing the overall operation, legal and regulatory compliance, to public relations and business development.

Marketing and promotional material

  • Create material to promote Villa Nouns as a unique vacation rental destination, such as professional photo shoots, drone videos and showcase videos.

Total ask: 215 ETH

PS. Villa Nouns is already accepting booking requests on ⌐◨-◨