A Mega Idea (a combination of 3 props about Media, Devs and IRL) for nouns Hack week. How can we make Nouns Weird? Let's collab!

gm gm dear nounsDAO

I would like to introduce you to our dynamic brand, Blouny, which we have established as a media platform for the web3.0 space. Over the past two years, we have been conducting research and gathering data to explore the industry, and we have identified NounsDAO as one of the most prominent brands and ideologies in the field.

As such, we would like to propose collaboration with NounsDAO and request funding from your DAO. We believe that this would be a significant partnership to promote Nouns and Noggles to the masses by building a media platform to reach the vast number of people who have yet to discover them.

You may find more information about our platform on
(Blouny.eth) ETH Address


Our first proposal (prop #5229) is to secure funding to establish our media platform and create a Nounish concept for our content. This would enable newcomers to the platform to immediately engage with Noggles, increasing awareness and driving interest in NounsDAO.

Link to the prop:

In addition to this proposal, we have identified a potential future issue related to Web.3 (proposal #5218) : as more IRL locations related to Web.3 projects are established, it may become increasingly challenging for users to explore and connect with them. As a solution to this, we propose the development of a web app to guide users in exploring IRL projects. In the beta version, we plan to allow any wallet that has been funded by Prop House to ping their location on the map and complete their profile with the details of their project.

Link to the prop:

Our IRL proposal (prop #5221) is a unique initiative we are planning for Istanbul. We aim to support the supply of simit peddlers with Nounish-themed paper bags for a week. This initiative will promote NounsDAO and its ideals to the mainstream consciousness, as well as promoting sustainability by replacing plastic bags with our Nounish-themed paper bags.

Link to the prop:

Finally, we would like to extend an invitation to everyone in the Nouns ecosystem to share their thoughts and join us in building Nouns in a creative and unique way. We believe that anyone who has proposed IRL events or is considering setting one up would be an excellent fit for our community.

Additionally, we have proposed a mega idea that encompasses all three proposals, which includes creating a vision video and other content to promote NounsDAO and Blouny’s collaboration. This proposal can be found under proposal number #5232 Prop House

and also on our website for a better vision:
Go through Blouny mega idea – Blouny

We hope that you find these proposals align with NounsDAO’s goals and vision, and we are eager to work together to promote Nouns and Noggles to a broader audience.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our proposals, and we look forward to hearing from you all.

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Love to see Your Future because its a mega idea of course and i wish to join if i can to help in some IRL events or help with location in our City for Nouns And Blouny :smiley: i wish i could Vote but i dont have noun of course :smiley:


this idea is still can be funded and we are glad to hear any ideas/suggestions/offers from you to improve it.
feel free to ask any questions from @PepeLady or me.
twitter accounts:

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tysm ! yes this idea has the ability to connect and collaborate with others around Nouns ecosystem and anyone who does anything IRL with Nouns!

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