Proposal: NFT Collections Celebrating World Heritage Sites

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Our project seeks to create a pioneering NFT platform that combines the abstract Nouns concept with the historical significance of World Heritage Sites. By fusing art and heritage, we’ll curate NFTs that transcend visual representation, preserving the essence of each site while engaging and educating collectors.

We’re seeking 250ETH to bring this vision to life, with allocations for development, curation, community engagement, technology, education, and more. The project will progress through key phases, including planning, platform development, content creation, and ongoing engagement. Success will be measured by NFT sales, engagement rates, community growth, educational impact, and conservation contributions.

Our target audience includes art enthusiasts, NFT collectors, cultural communities, and more. What sets us apart is our integration of Nouns and World Heritage Sites, strong educational focus, collaborative community approach, and commitment to conservation.

Project Proposal: NFT Collections Celebrating World Heritage Sites


Our project aims to create a groundbreaking NFT platform that marries the innovative Nouns concept with the cultural significance of World Heritage Sites. By seamlessly integrating the abstract nature of Nouns with historical treasures, we’ll curate a collection of NFTs that breathe life into art and heritage. Our platform will not only engage collectors but also educate and inspire by showcasing the stories behind each NFT and its associated World Heritage Site.

Nouns Integration:

Our NFT collections will embody the Nouns philosophy by translating objects of historical importance into digital representations that encapsulate their essence. Each NFT will go beyond visual representation, preserving the history and significance of World Heritage Sites in a manner that resonates with Nouns’ abstract concept. By uniting art with heritage, we’ll offer collectors a deeper connection to both the digital and physical worlds.

Funding Breakdown:

We are seeking 250ETH to bring this vision to life. The funds will be allocated as follows:

  • Development and Design: [40%] (100ETH)
  • Content Creation and Curation: [25%] (62.5ETH)
  • Community Engagement and Marketing: [20%] (50ETH)
  • Technological Infrastructure: [8%] (20ETH)
  • Educational Initiatives and Conservation: [5%] (12.5ETH)
  • Operational and Miscellaneous Expenses: [2%] (5ETH)


Our project will progress through the following key phases:

  1. Project Inception and Planning: 2 weeks
  2. Platform Development and Design: 12 weeks
  3. Content Creation and Curation: 10 weeks
  4. Community Engagement and Marketing: Ongoing
  5. Technological Infrastructure Enhancement: Ongoing
  6. Launch and Initial User Onboarding: 2 weeks
  7. Educational Initiatives and Conservation Efforts: Ongoing
  8. Continuous Improvement and Scaling: Ongoing

Success Metrics:

We will measure the success and impact of our project using the following metrics:

  • NFT Sales and Revenue
  • Engagement Rates (Active Users, Time Spent)
  • Community Growth (User Increase, Social Media Engagement)
  • Educational Impact (Resources Created, Engagement)
  • Conservation Contribution (Funds and Progress)
  • User Feedback and Satisfaction
  • Marketplace Performance (Comparison, Reception)
  • Retention and Repeat Purchases

Target Audience:

Our target audience includes:

  • Art and History Enthusiasts
  • NFT Collectors and Investors
  • Educational and Cultural Communities
  • Blockchain and Technology Enthusiasts
  • Community Builders and Collaborators

Unique Selling Proposition:

Our project stands out due to:

  • Integration of Nouns and World Heritage Sites
  • Strong emphasis on education and cultural preservation
  • Collaborative and inclusive community approach
  • Conservation commitment and philanthropic impact
  • Fusion of art and history, fostering emotional connections
  • Transparent impact metrics showcasing real-world difference
  • Wide appeal to diverse audience segments
  • Innovative technological integration for immersive experiences

By merging the abstract with the tangible, we will create a digital sanctuary for the preservation and celebration of heritage, bridging the gap between the past and the future. Our project’s success lies in its ability to foster a harmonious coexistence between Nouns and World Heritage Sites, inspiring a new era of appreciation for both art and history.

About the creator

Richard Seshie

Richard has 14 years of experience in the fields of impact entrepreneurship and digital innovation. Winner of the Orange Award of the Social Entrepreneur of the Year in Africa(2012), Global Shaper World Economic Forum (2016), Enel Foundation Clean Energy Leaders Open Africa Power Fellow (2021). Educated at Draper University (USA) and Executive MBA at Quantic School Institute of Business and Technology (USA) with a specialization in Supply Chain. Former CSR Coordinator for North Africa at Microsoft, he is widely recognized as a leading social innovator in Cote d’Ivoire and Francophone Africa.

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