[PAUSED] PROPOSAL: Nounish Folk Tales (DAO) - The nounish PPF (Philanthropy-Proliferation-Flywheel)

Just sending donations to a charity is not sustainable. Building a non-profit philanthropy x nouns proliferation flywheel with actual products is.

Building a the nounish philanthropy flywheel on folk tales with the objective to
A) Set an anchor for nouns in culture with the story foundations that first ignited our childish imagination: folk tales.
B) set the foundation for future authentic and culturally relevant story telling beyond the current engaged generation of investors and web3 enthusiasts across multiple product categories: Books, Comics,Toys, Movies, etc.
C) Build and foster a global nounish artist hub
All governed by a DAO.

This is planned to be the foundation of a nouns philanthropy program (not a project, thus eventually self sufficient) for NounsDAO to authentically and securely engage with charities that improve the lives of children.

Read more below or the full concept here: [EXT] The Nounish Folk Tales - DAO - Google Docs

The Problem Statement.
Many children lack resources and access to health, education and better opportunities.

We want to provide an agile structure built with web3 technology that can adapt and be deployed whenever and wherever it is most needed to improve children’s lives at scale.
Main areas of focus are children’s hospitals, medical research, education, technology, art

The Concept.
The Nounish Folk Tales (NFT) is a homage to the folk stories that ignited our childish imagination infused with today’s nounish pop culture to inspire the next generation of visionaries and builders to think creatively, build relationships with care and craft with intention. Different artists will recreate the folk tales in their own style and interpretation while establishing the iconic glasses.

The Product Portfolio.
The idea is to apply the reverse NFT-launch GTM strategy. Instead of selling a digital product prior to the physical item release to crowd-fund, the Nounish Folk Tales will be available through traditional e-com experience, bookstores and PopUp-Brand-Stores. The physical product will come with instructions on how to claim Non-Fungible-Tokens, Crypto Wallets, etc. which is the first step into a lifelong relationship between the reader and the nouns ecosystem.

Initial Product Categories

  • Children’s Books Series in variations
    ** Low res Coloring book
    ** High res storytelling
    ** …
  • Seasonal Coffee Table Book
    a collection of all children‘s books series and additional artwork, exclusive pieces

Digital Products (NFTs)
Characters from the stories and artwork from the coffee table books will be auctioned off daily as collectibles;

Genesis GTM Product
Conceptual high quality Coffee Table Book:

  • Appr. 200 pages, heavy high quality paper
  • Appr. 50 commissioned artists
  • DIN A3 (11,69 x 16,54 inches) closed book page size
  • a dust jacket
  • Quantity: 500-1000
  • A collection of nounish folk tales artwork - check SOW artist below.

With this we are also creating the largest artist network for nouns and capturing their nounish artwork in one collection while also establishing sustainable ways-of-working and collaboration for future projects.

The Physical / Digital Engagement Model.
The products are carefully crafted to be nounish in every dimension. Seasonal activations in the digital and physical sphere connected to the books will keep the owners engaged with the products and keep the brand at the forefront of progressive families and inherit to culture.
The physical good will be the map for other teams to build nounish projects and activations on. It is crafted and thought through for future riddles, treasure hunts, e-com experiences, etc. Consider this the ultimate bridge between the real world and digital experiences to further the proliferation of the brand.

Scope of Work Artists
Artists will be commissioned to create a unique piece of art and do their interpretation of a folktale. Artwork can be:

  • Movie Poster / Key defining image
  • Scene from the folk tales
  • Full Story on one page

Digital Products: Characters artwork Non-Fungible-Tokens

The Governing Body.
This program will be governed through a DAO and a treasury built through selling physical and digital goods as per the above. Nouns Folk Tales DAO is going to be built on NounsDAO protocols, governed through auctioned NFTs. The auctioned NFTs are the characters from the book. Auctions will start upon book release and run until all characters are sold.

The Roadmap.
Phase 1: Program Development Q3/2022
Phase 2: Genesis Production Q4/2022 & Q1 2023
Phase 3: Genesis Product Launch Q1 2023

The Required Funding.
Initial investment is required from NounsDAO treasury to kickstart this philanthropy x proliferation flywheel program which is anticipated to become self-sufficient soon.

  • Artists Commissions for 50 artists - 250k EUR

  • Production**
    ** Marketing - 80k EUR

  • Products - 50k EUR
    ** Coffee Table Book
    ** NFT Collection

  • Global Fulfillment Setup - 20k EUR

  • Smart Contract / DAO Setup & Dev Work - 50k EUR
    Prefered to launch DAO with nounsdao 1-click solution.

  • Legal & Tax work - 40k EUR

  • Bounties for additional support - 25k EUR

  • Compensation Program Leads until Launch - 120k EUR
    ** Program Development
    ** Project Management
    ** Reporting to DAO

Total 635k EUR +1 Noun

Payment 170k EUR

  • Program Leads Compensation until Launch
  • Part of Bounties for additional support
  • Legal & Tax work

Paymenent TBC + 1 Noun

  • Artists Commission
  • Production
  • Global Fulfillment Setup
  • Smart Contract Dev & DAO Setup
  • Rest of Bounties for additional support

Why are we asking for a noun from the nounders?
We are anticipating to develop a program - not a project(!) - with longevity to repeatedly bring value to Nouns and children’s lives.

Important subjects that will need special attention:

  • How do we govern the initial charity selections?
  • How do we bring transparency into physical product production and fulfillment for the DAO?
  • Legal & Tax topics; We would like to make the findings available to the community as a source for guidance.
    ** Legal entity for DAO to make donations to charities possible
    ** Legal consultation re money laundering, etc.
  • Creative Onboarding for Artists
    ** Artist Brief
    ** Compensation
    ** Licensing
  • Product Roadmap
  • Narrative Development

Program Initiators

  • DelPiero; Role: Initiator, Partnerships, Concept Development

  • Benjamin Latsko; Role: Co-Initiator, Creative Concept, Branding, Marketing, Partnership

  • DefaultedUser (Adam)
    Role: Advisor for Publishing

  • Bigshot Toy Works
    Role: Creative Consulting & Creative Content Development/Advisory

Artists who we’ve already talked to and who are interested in contributing to the program:

  • Messhup
  • Greta Gremplin
  • Brandon Mighty, Brandon James Scott

Read more about the concept here: [EXT] The Nounish Folk Tales - DAO - Google Docs

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Very excited about this proposal and all of the possibilities that it can open up. Lots of fun world building and stories to be told and the artist onboarding component is a huge opportunity

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Is it possible to scale this down and still verify if the intended flywheel effects indeed work?

And if not, why?

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Generally speaking, yes.

As part of the further program development, we would also define KPIs to measure and identify short-to-midterm success and based on that we would be able to scale (down) in the mentioned line-items below and align correlated proliferation expectations. Main levers to scale:
a) commission fewer artists
b) only work with one fulfillment center for global distribution
c) lower marketing efforts

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Got it, thanks!

Im asking since, if this is supposed to be a continous self-sustained thing, it might make sense to treat it more like a startup and do a smaller-in-scope MVP to verify that the core idea got legs, and then go back to the DAO for further funding if needed.


yes, that is definitely also a prefered option we’d consider as well. But as you mentioned too, we would have to define how we identify if “the core idea got legs” and the process of defining the section on “what does success look like (for an MVP)” would be part of the further program development.

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That’s a cool prop. Kudos!

Hello frens,

After talking to many people in the community and further analyzing the success rates of some of the proposals bringing consumer goods to market, I do not think this is the right time to push for a nouns philanthropy vertical for the following reasons:

  • There is (very)little demand for ‚nounish‘ products in general. Sell-through for most projects has been the greatest challenge.
  • Even if we were building this for the community first, we haven‘t seen significant from the community for actual nouns-products - not even from holders. Most of the times people „like the idea“ but won‘t actually buy it. It pretty much describes the current state of the adoption: builders and investors happen to be not very interested in consumables but participate in the economics which I can relate to very well.

Bottom line is that I think it’s too early and there are other priorities that need attention first.

I will re-allocate my attention to building areas that

  • further build brand awareness
  • Create demand for nounish products