{ Small Grants } Nouns Card Collection

If there’s a dust-covered shoebox full of baseball, Pokemon, or other cards stashed away somewhere in your house, now is probably a good time for you to look for it because here’s a dose of nostalgia.

Nouns Card Collection

Collecting Nouns nft cards is a fun, interactive hobby for anyone and everyone.

One of the most enjoyable experiences of collecting is meeting new people with similar interests. Not everyone has the budget to own a noun, many build and develop amazing projects for Nouns to proliferate. Collecting and perhaps getting a letter that a nouner is looking for for their collection could be the beginning of a connection for future projects.

First edition
One Noun per day, considering that, the first edition of Nouns NFT Card will only be 500 Nouns.


The rarity of the cards will follow a system similar to Pokemon, the first Nouns will be the most difficult, but the rarest to get. Just like promo cards, these cards will be special cards that will refer to a project that had a big impact on the Nouns ecosystem.


The cards will have two versions, the nft and the physical, however the physical will be a possible reward for those who complete all nft Nouns card collection.

For all those who complete their collection, a physical Drop will be sent


12% of the entire amount raised will go to the Nouns treasury.


I am requested 4.7 ETH for the purpose of getting a trial, presenting updates every 15 days.

Budget :
2 ETH artists
2 ETH develop beta site
0.7 ETH physical card prototype.

Possible collectors:

“Fast Flippers” – Flippers are more interested in making quick money than collecting cards, so they can buy multiple cards in order to get a higher rarity card e.g. the first Nouns, or a Nounder, to resell them for a high price.
“Wall Street Types” – Just like stocks, card values ​​fluctuate over time. Wall Street types see trading cards as tangible stocks. They take the time to research value trends and are always looking to buy low and sell high. Like the fast swimmers, Wall Street types are in the hobby for the money, but they handle larger sums and seem to find pleasure in the ride.
“Nouns nostalgic” – This is where the community places itself. Many have been here since the beginning of the project, collecting and trading NFTs cards with the community itself is immeasurable.

Collecting cards is a historical tradition, implementing Nouns NFT Card Collection into the ecosystem can be fun, immersive and profitable.

Yahoo! News reports that seven of the 10 biggest cards sales in history have taken place over the past eight months and, during that span, the record for the “most expensive card ever sold” has been shattered twice. As of March 30, the current record holder is a 1952 Topps Micky Mantle card that was purchased for $5.2 million, according to Action Network.
Card value is spiking at unprecedented levels. In February, a Michael Jordan rookie card sold at auction for $738,000, according to CNN. Two weeks earlier, the same card sold for $215,000. That’s a 243% value increase in only 14 days.

As card values are spiking, transaction numbers are following suit. The Athletic reports that eBay hosted 4 million more trading card transactions in 2020 than 2019 at a 142% growth rate. According to the site, the recent surge in interest has created problems for card manufacturers like Topps and Panini as they struggle to keep products on store shelves.

It’s clear more cards are being sold now than ever before, and some of them are fetching absurd prices.


Hey Avery! This could be pretty cool, do you have any concept drawings of what the cards would look like?

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Like every trial after approval, the first card concept will be released in 15 days.

But it is possible to visualize only with the written concept, for now.
Have you ever collected Pokemon cards? This is the hobby in its purest form.

The purpose of this project is to bring with it the nostalgia of collecting cards in its truest form.
All cards will be NFTs, that is, they will be able to be marketed and exchanged by the community itself.

A pack purchase system will be created, that is, a pack comes with three different Noun cards, with their random rarities.

As in every card collection there are rarities, here it will be no different, for example:

The rarity will be established according to the oldest nouns, nounders, moderation, promos. From the thrill of opening a new package to the thrill of pulling out a holographic @4156, Or @noun22, Or @seneca

Promo cards will be the most significant projects that have brought major additions to the Nouns ecosystem, for example:

Lil NounsDAO
The Nouns Square

( The Nouns of the creators of these projects will also have different rarities. ) @skateordao @goldy.mov @joshuafisher

Finally, the data on the cards will be the main data, in addition to an impeccable art of each Noun, data such as the winning bid, the wallet, the Nouns numbering will be added.


I agree with the comment above. This sounds really cool and I would love to see a mock up of a card!


One noun a day

Following logic, the production of new cards and new future editions will be infinite, the possibilities here are incredible.

This will be a beautiful project.

Thanks. i really appreciate your comment, soon you will see prototypes.

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