Proposal Idea for Web3 & Film3 - Looking for Critique

GM Frens, I hope all are well. I had a few questions about proposals in general. I have an idea that aligns with the mission on multiple levels. Additionally, I am an executive producer of projects meaning I understand and manage projects from concept to completion.

My question right now is-- What’s the best way to be introduced to Nouns DAO Members to who I can potentially pitch and then they provide feedback?

The problem for filmmakers in a web 2 world, everything is siloed. The power, the players, and even the software. If you want to write a script (software is $200), budget (software is $360), schedule (software is $200), or more, you must shell out tons of money for inferior software. So it naturally disenfranchises those with less economic means. My idea is to create and develop a suite of software that is free and open-sourced so anyone has the proper tools to tell their story.

The structure I’ve roughly mapped out is similar to Lil Nouns where an NFT would be auctioned off every 15 minutes to fund the treasury which would be used to build out the software suite, then once we’re in a good position pivot the treasury to launch grants that support the films using the software we developed thus creating a cycle of pure cinematic creationism.

:white_check_mark: Further the proliferation of Nouns onto the world
:white_check_mark: Promoting Nouns Art
:white_check_mark: Open sourced
:white_check_mark: Building web apps

Anyone one have any thoughts on who I can pitch this to or any one what to give me feedback / thoughts?

Imagine if Nouns DAO was the Helen of Troy of the Film3 ecosystem-- the DAO that launched a thousand films.



I would assume scanning this discourse, the discord channel, and searching for nounders on Twitter, etc would be the way to get it in front of people. As far as a critique, I’d ask a few questions to maybe help hone a full proposal.

Why build another platform? Couldn’t nouns or lil nouns fund directly if they liked it?

What is your budget to create the software? Do you have any of the team in place that are capable of such a thing?

Why does the existing inferior software exist? Does it link up to some type of standard system that makes it clunky? While it’s possible that it’s purely insider profit taking, there might be even deeper issues that new software might struggle to change.

Would the films created be for profit? Maybe a percentage of things created goes back to the DAO in perpetuity? I’m thinking a bigger percentage until the amount invested is paid back and then a smaller amount moving forward. Then your separate DAO takes over and can utilize your profits to invest in film projects.

Anyway, I thought your idea is really creative and has a lot of potential. I hope it gets some traction and you can help break the monopoly that exists in your industry. Thanks for pushing toward a more open and fair future! It’s an important goal for sure.

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I don’t know if you saw this proposal as well. It’s for a project that would maybe be downstream of yours, but it might be worth connecting! Proposal filmfund.eth - #15 by LMOProductions

I also thought maybe you should put a link to your proposal in the discord requesting comments from other people interested in the industry.

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Hey Andrew,

I’ll try to walk through some of your comments:

  1. I’ve searched discord, twitter, and more and am connecting with Film3 people who are also nouners. I’m progressing in meeting more people.

  2. I’m in the team building stage. So see #1 I’m looking to meet, learn and network with as many as possible.

  3. The current software is for pure profit making. There are no real larger systems that fit in. I’ve been an executive producer of features for a while and know this first hand.

  4. The goal would be to fund films and push them out for profit if there is a market. As such, a percentage of profits would go back to the DAO in perpetuity.

  5. After holding many meetings so far it seems like the biggest traction is to set up a more global DAO focused on revolutionizing the whole of the film space and go problem by problem making software and processes completely open sourced. Rather than focusing only on software or any other cash grab “fund my film” type DAO.

  6. RE: Proposal 15 - Hey Andrew, Yes-- I’ve connected with Kimani of LMO Productions as well as the other Film3 related people who’ve pushed film proposals for Nouns.

The main reason I want to do something like this because filmmaking is so expensive for artificial reasons and I don’t think anyone should be denied the chance to be an artist cause the software, and tech is cost prohibitive.

Thanks for reading and the vote of confidence.


In case anyone is curious or wants to join in the mission, we’ve launched a v01 of the idea at



HOLLYNOUNS are just like Nouns but love all things movies, television, and new media. An expansion DAO, HOLLYNOUNS DAO works to create a new layer within the Nouns ecosystem; these HOLLYNOUNS are the home for web3 and film3 innovation, development, and funding. By expanding the ecosystem, HOLLYNOUS DAO aims to expose more people to Nouns and break down the problematic barriers filmmakers face.


There is a consistent veil of secrecy in filmmaking. A complete lack of transparency in knowledge, as well as funding sources, leads to the viewpoint that all resources are finite and sharing can harm yourself rather than uplift the shared creative community. The current operating procedures in filmmaking are the antithesis of a web3 world. HOLLYNOUNS seeks to change this. HOLLYNOUNS is a CCO fork of Nouns, inspired by Lil Nouns created to solve these two problems in the creative filmmaking space— 1) the lack of transparent working knowledge and open-source software, as well as 2) the lack of stable and consistent funding that is readily available.

Example of Problem 1 - lack of open-sourced software. If you want to write a script that is acceptable to industry standards, you simply can’t open a word processor and type away. You need to purchase an expensive, clunky legacy software that is around $200 bucks. Naturally, it disenfranchises those with less economic means, creating barriers to art.

Our Solution to Problem 1 - Build innovative open-sourced software funded and voted on via the HOLLYNOUNS DAO’s Treasury. Imagine a world where anyone can type the next great screenplay without having to come out of pocket. Once that software is created, the plan will be to pivot to the next trouble areas filmmakers face until we’ve addressed them.

Example of Problem 2 - lack of consistent funding sources. Every creative knows the pain in the ass that is fundraising to get a project off the ground. One usually needs to call thousands of people, plead to countless friends, and then cobble together the rest through business associates. It sucks.

Our Solution to Problem 2 - Not every film project needs to be in the NFT space, but all film projects can benefit from web3. Fifty percent (50%) of the HOLLYNOUNS DAO Treasury will be dedicated to funding films, shorts, television, new media, film3 startups.


Thanks for the responses! I hope this gets seen by a lot of Nounders. :slight_smile:

I do Youtube and I have a ton of respect for people that make real movies. I’d love to see more of them have the ability to see their dreams make it to screening. Truly, you have a great mission here.

Movie pitch: Rekola breaks through the production house monopoly with a ragtag group of fanatical, upstart producers. Hijinks ensue.

Think about it. Best of luck.

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Love it. Thanks for the compliment Andrew! Unfortunately I don’t have a Noun so I’m looking for sponsorship to make the proposal a real dream. Any chance you can help with that!

My favorite part of the idea is it’s self sustaining after a small capital investment as low as 5 ETH. Can’t find value like that anywhere these days, revolutionizing a whole industry!

Besides, I’ve noticed a ton of FILM3 stuff start to pop on Nouns and how great would it be to direct them to one place-- HOLLYNOUNS, rather than turning Nouns into a filmmakers pitching paradise for funding!



Hi Rekola,

Love the discourse here! And what you’re proposing is certainly interesting. I’m an open source fan, so seeing this aspect of film more open source would be amazing.

If you could get it started with just 5e, I would suggest pitching through small grants or prop house. That way you don’t need a nouner to sponsor an on chain proposal.

I hope this is helpful. Best of luck!

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Appreciate it. I’m currently pitching in prop house and didn’t realize small grants was different from proposals so I’ll definitely check it out!

Appreciate the insight. It’s a dream to tear down the ridiculous barriers to art especially when the legacy software is clunky and sucks!



Hey Benbodhi

Talked to Noun 22 of Small Grants they love the idea, just need to sync up to a developer to confirm the fork is correct! Thanks for pushing me that way!



Awesome news :slight_smile:
Happy I could help.
You’re doing great things!