Proposal: Nouns cameo in pioneering Web3 Movie

GM Nouns!

I have been talking to some Nouns like @Noun142 about this idea that we would like to submit as a proposal, but thought it was a good idea to present it here first for feedback.

Me and my team am making one of the the first movies ever funded with NFTs (the second, actually, and the first European):

(All details about the movie and the NFT project to fundraise it can be found on the website, but its based on an award-winning short film -that can also be watched in the website- and has an A-list cast attached)

We want this historic movie to have several easter eggs of NFT and Web3 Culture, and the Nouns embody decentralization and CC0 like no other project, so we would love to find ways to showcase Nouns in the film.

The entirety of the proceeds from the NFTs will go towards the budget of the film: locations, equipment rentals, cast & crew, travel & accommodation, post-production…, and so I would like to propose that the DAO contributes to the budget of the film, and in exchange we contribute to “proliferating Nouns” by showing them in this pioneering web3 film.

We believe that “Calladita” has the potential of starting a movement towards the decentralization of cinema via web3, because film is still the most centralized and corporation-controlled art form around.

In terms of how the Nouns will be included in the film, here are our ideas:

  1. A Character in the film will wear Nouns Glasses like the ones Salvino D’Armati is designing in at least 1 scene

  2. There will be a chosen Noun (maybe a “camera head one”?) printed and put as decoration on the location of the film, which will be seen in at least 1 scene, maybe more

  3. Credits: either the Nouns glasses or one chose Noun will appear in the Credits of the film, and the NounsDAO will appear credited as an “Associate Producer” of the movie.

​The total budget of the film is 1.4M$, so we’re looking to raise that amount through our NFT collection. We would ask for a contribution of 10 ETH from the NounsDAO for this collaboration.

Please let me know what you think! We would absolutely love to get the NounsDAO involved in such a historic FilmNFT project!


What a solid initiative by the miguelfaus team🔥. Looking forward to witness the groundbreaking interesection of film and NFTs. Push on!

love the idea of supporting innovation while creating visibility to nouns. Maybe instead of showing a print of a noun in the movie, have something like this;

He actually suggested doing it with nouns.

Wow these are great! Yes I would love to feature the Noun in the film in this way, we can prob collab with Arthemort :slight_smile:

Hey Miguel, it’s an interesting idea to have a movie funded only by NFTs!
You said the budget is 1.4 mil, how far are you in the fundraising if you don’t mind sharing?
For the Nouns appearance, I personally would like to see someone wear the glasses more than printed out Noun (maybe Anita having them on as she drives to a party/ the beach or something like that).
It would be great if your crew could have the glasses on if/when you go to a film festival to present the movie!

Hello Maty!
Thank you for your reply! Yes, the total budget is a bit flexible because we are exposed to ETH volatility, but it’s around 1.2-1.4M, and so far we’ve raised 350k in the first few weeks of the fundraiser, which is great for an indie project like ours.
I think both the glasses and the Noun in the film would be great.
For the Noun, I’ve been speaking to Arthemort who makes these amazing ones with rubber duckies and he’d like to do it with a Noun for the film:
For the glasses, it makes more sense that they be worn by the rich characters than by the maid (Ana) in my opinion, but I think they will be great on the film!
And yes it would be dope to represent the Nouns glasses at film festivals and premieres as well!