Proposal: Dark Mode

Dark Mode: TL;DR

Nouns’ community is growing and we’re becoming more diversified by the minute. Many users view the website from different time zones which leads to screentime during the night on different parts of the globe. The current has a very bright layout and this proposal seeks to launch a “dark mode” option on the official website.

Do we really need a dark mode?

Yes, many visitors visit during the night and considering the fact that noun o’clock happens everyday, there will be users tuning in at different times during the day; which might very well be during the night. It is essential to have a user-friendly UI that is appealing to all users that are here to interact with the website and a simple option for “dark mode” provides us with that comforting set of colors that work very well during night times.

Can we see what it looks like?

Yes! Here’s a preview of what the dark mode would look like featuring Noun 72.

NounsDAO - Flip the Switch

I’ve used a shade of magenta for the set which makes for a very nice combination with dark colors ~ making it very comforting to look at during the night.
Used a subtle gradient of dark colors as the grey background, to make sure that the Nouns are shown flawlessly. The 90 degree gradient makes for a distinguishable cut between the auction section and the “One Noun, Everyday, Forever.” section.
The Nouns’ glasses is an optional addition to the set, as the color yellow could go very well with the rest of the website.

Purpose of the proposal?

This proposal seeks to determine the general consensus of DAO members before moving forward.
The dark mode will go live as soon as the proposal settles ~ so very soon.

Builders behind the proposal:

  • UndeadOracle
  • CryptoSeneca
  • DevCarrot

This is a great idea and I think it’s a no-brainer to add a dark mode to the home page! I have 99% of my stuff in dark mode 24/7.

The only feedback I’d give is that my personal preference for dark modes is the use of a flatter-looking more grey/black background, as opposed to the brighter glowy blue/purple hue that the screenshot has


Same here!

Thank you for the on-point feedback; just adjusted the colors and chose a darker set of colors to test things out. I think this one’s a much better choice.


Love this!
And same here, I have everything in dark mode.


Thank you for sharing!
We won’t stand for light-mode anymore :triumph:

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Hey Oracle. The mockup looks great and will certainly add another beautiful look to the site while saving our corneas. Could have been a slight miss-communication: I’m more than happy to help answer questions about how’s codebase works and help get you started but I don’t think I need the builder credit.


Understood. Thank you for the clarification, I will stay in touch on Discord.

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Adding to the unanimity here, but this may not be something that needs a proposal or DAO governance to weigh in on.

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You’re absolutely right. It’s in the works at the moment, but won’t need any on-chain action.