Proposal: Nouns in Night Run, A Conceptual Art Video Game

Nouns in Night Run, A Conceptual Art Video Game


TLDR: Proliferate the Nouns meme by incorporating it into the Night Run conceptual art project and documenting that process in a YouTube video for a cost of 20ETH.

What Is Night Run: a conceptual art project that incorporates a night time motorcycle video game (to be released on Steam), an NFT collection about imaginary AI powered fashion houses and a video documentation series providing a behind the scenes view of the creative process.

Night Run YouTube Playlist

My story exploring AI Art and NFTs as an indie game dev

Goal: Introduce players of the Night Run game to the Nouns meme and show via the video documenting the project how Nouns CC0 nature and proposal funding model enable cultural collaborations.

Project Outline:

  • Night Run Game:
    • Incorporate 2D Nouns into the Night Run game by placing them on billboards which appear as you drive through the procedurally generated city
    • Incorporate 3D Nouns as huge lit up statues standing by the roadside

  • Documentation Video:
    • A professionally produced YouTube video
    • The goal of the collaboration and the video is to demonstrate

Video Content Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Brief explanation of Night Run
  • An explanation of what Nouns is and how it works
  • Creative inspiration for incorporating Nouns (and other CC0 works) into Night Run
  • How the collaboration was enabled by the Nouns community both through the help of community members and via funding through the Nouns proposal process
  • How Web3 projects can be composed to enable and fund interesting work to creative positive sum outcomes and cultural impact

What will it look and feel like?: The video will include a mixture of on camera footage of Matto talking, footage of the game and graphics. There are examples of other devlog videos in the series here in this YouTube playlist.

How and when will the game be released? Night Run has a working playable prototype now (pictured) and is being rebuilt in a full production version for release on Steam, available to the public free of charge. Our target for release is Q1 2023.

The Team: Thousand Ant is a digital agency with a focus on realtime 3D and game development. We work with organizations like Unity Technologies, Google, Microsoft, Terraforms by Mathcastles and JuiceboxDAO to help them create games, animations and educational content to inspire developers and creators.

Matto (aka Matt Schell) is the Managing Director of Thousand Ant and a generative artist working with code, realtime visuals and procedural audio. He’s released music for respected labels like Warp Records and also formerly served as the global head of online evangelism for Unity Technologies. He is a member of the Friends With Benefits DAO and is a community contributor to web3 projects including Crypts and Caverns, Terraforms by Mathcastles. Thousand Ant has recently released our own first NFT collection Hypercastle Explorers, a project which is building a game engine SDK for Terraforms.

Suspicious Seaweed (aka Tom Schell) is the Head of Operations for Thousand Ant.

Timeline: The video will be delivered by December 15th 2022. It will be “built in public” via the Thousand Ant Discord.

Funds Requested: 20ETH

Other work by us: Some of our relevant video and animation work can be found here.


How many current players are there?

Thanks for checking it out @Sam!

Zero players as of now, the footage/screens shown are an unreleased internal prototype which we’re rebuilding for the production release. We’re aiming to release to the public in Q1 2023 via Steam. The game will be free to play and not monetized via ads or microtransactions so we hope that will attract players.

Updating the thread with the latest devlog for our Night Run project, talking about turning the neural imagery from stable diffusion into graphic layouts for our imaginary fashion brands in the game world Night Run - Designing Imaginary Brands - YouTube

We also joined the weekly Nouncil call this morning and made our pitch to them, we’ll be back there next week to do Q&A if anyone has questions. Thanks!

hey Nouners, after consulting with various members of the Nouns community (thank you!) We’ve updated our proposal to include a video of the updated version of the game. I’ve added it to the original post and am linking it here too. Note that this includes the updated rendering of the game and a brand new integration of the Nouns models.


Also a music only version just for vibes:

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