Proposal: Creating the World's Largest Artwork (Partnership)

I heard you’re in the business of investing in crazy ideas. Here’s one for you.

I am Future Promise, we have just put online our project aiming to create the World’s Largest Artwork.

It has not begun, but you can see it here:

Here’s how it works:

  • Begins with a small initial artwork & a countdown.
  • Once the countdown reaches zero, the artwork is complete.
  • Each addition to the artwork adds 15 minutes to the countdown.
  • Whoever adds the final piece, wins the pot.

Idea of the pot is that it is incentivising the mission while building anticipation of its end.

  • Additions to the artwork are made by users by entering prompts to an Image AI.
  • Each addition is minted by users as an NFT, providing fractional ownership of the whole artwork & increasing the amount in the pot.
  • We have engineered this to scale as far as the community can take it. (11)

Where Nouns comes in

We’ve got technology, you’ve got capital. We’re proposing Nouns seeds ETH to our starting pot value, in exchange for a cut of revenue & possible branding partnership.

There is no vague timeline, mysterious budget, or other complications. It is built. Aside from some final prep, we’re ready to go any day.

We would simply just put all of the ETH in our starting pot to get it started.

We’re happy to scale the size of the investment based on Noun community interest.

  • 10 ETH, 4% of Revenue
  • 25 ETH, 10% of Revenue
  • 50 ETH, 20% of Revenue & nouns branding added to the page. Something along the lines of “funded by Nouns” + logo. Would drive attention & similarly cool proposals to Nouns in a success outcome.
    (Revenue here refers to 50% of the mint costs on this NFT collection. The other 50% adds to the pot for the winner)


I am not one to speculate on the likelihood of viral dice rolls but let me do it anyway, 3 different outcomes:

  • Fails/Fizzles - Nouns does not make investment back & receives little attention.
  • Moderate Success (~250-500) ETH Revenue: Nouns DAO profits on investment. Large amount of attention from NFT/AI circles.
  • Moonshot Success: Project achieves r/place-like attention & reaches the mainstream, Nouns - Very Large Profit & Mainstream attention.

If interested, I’m here for questions & happy to come Q&A.

Very cool idea! I’m not sure it can really proliferate Nouns well though. It seems more that it’s trying to hedge your bet and guarantee a little profit.

Can’t blame you there if that’s the case, but I think it will make it hard to fund. So a couple questions:

  1. How does the money get into the account to start with? How does the pot increase as the art gets bigger?
  2. How can it be made to be more nounish? Maybe the original art is nounish at the start along with the accompanied site theme.


Regarding hedging our bets I think that’s a fair point. What I’d be happy to do is that Nouns would get 100% of the revenue until they made their funding back. So we wouldn’t make anything unless Nouns did. (in my opinion, I think it would be very unlikely Nouns would make a loss. Given the strength of Nouns & ambitiousness of the project)

The pot is in a smart contract. ETH can just be transferred in at the beginning. There are mint costs for adding an addition to the artwork. 50% of that goes into the pot. It could get very large.

Making it more nounish
A number of things could be done, one is adopting a more Nouns-like theme. Here’s a quick mockup of the direction we could go in:

Dark Theme:

And yes! having nounish art as the original artwork. The demo has a spooky kind of art theme but we could have a more retro/cartoonish/colorful/upbeat vibe. Or some art that directly emulates noun characters. Each NFT is titled too so another opportunity there.

Here’s a generated example of when it starts getting larger, perhaps a thousand additions. A colorful & more upbeat vibe:

That’s in the style of abstract paintings but adding more retro inspirations instead the starting artwork could be quite on brand.

Also a fun smaller detail: We have a live chat for the social collaborative aspect to play out in. Can have Nouns flair for holders

(fyi: Your second bulletpoint seems to have been cutoff early)

I love seeing the examples. I finished my second point, but you were already ahead of me on the theme idea. :grinning:

Honestly, I think I’m a believer. It’s a really cool experiment. I’m assuming it’s never been done before and has very viral possibilities. Hopefully some more eyeballs get on this. I’d love to hear what @noun22 and @krel think of this, but I could see it get on any Prop House radar pretty easily. On-chain would probably be more difficult, but who knows.

Great! I’ll continue to ideate the nouns theming.

Yes, it’s got the ingredients for virality, the pot/countdown mechanism designed to bring an ever-increasing momentum/anticipation as it grows. Sort of like a Twitch Subathon. Achieving massive scale in artworks is such a new possibility with AI, it would be exciting for people to experience.

Would I be able to reach out in discord DM to ask more about the process here?

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My DM’s are open. Willing to chat anytime!