Nouns need something more innovative

Music Festival Tickets - The First Nouns Music Festival

A ticketing platform powered by the Nouns Ecosystem. We are a group of festival organizers that aims to integrate our music event with blockchain technology. Making our already 10-year event as a marketing arm for the Nouns Ecosystem and blockchain technology in general. We need a sponsor who owns a Nouns NFT to support our vision and help us submit a proposal to the Nouns Ecosystem community.

I see Nouns project as a proposal platform which caters to the needs and interests of various individuals and organizations that are seeking innovative solutions and collaborations to support its ecosystem. Although I do not own a Nouns NFT, mainly because of its price, I like the idea of its unlimited supply yet only mints one every 24 hours to maintain rarity and exclusivity.

However, its limited accessibility for retail users due to its high prices on top of the already complex blockchain technology, retail users may find it difficult to participate in the Nouns project and in the blockchain space in general.

Our team aims to address this limitation by actively engaging with retail users and exploring ways to make blockchain technology valuable and accessible to a wider audience. This means that we will work on ways to give retail users a reason of value to incentivize their effort in learning and adopting blockchain technology.

One way we plan to implement is through the entertainment industry. A particular asset that we believe can bridge the gap between retail users and blockchain is through the tokenization of tickets for concerts, movies, and other live events. Current ticketing systems other than being inefficient and prone to fraud, also lack value after the event is over.

Hence, we envision creating a platform where event organizers can tokenize their tickets, inject an intrinsic value into them, and allow retail users to easily purchase, trade these tickets on the blockchain, and stake it for future rewards.

Hey Nouns
I am happy to be here.
I read through all the comments and ideas.
As a newbie here I wonder if this platform still works the way it was implemented for?

Where are all projects/prospects/ideas posted? How is it controlled? Or is the nouns-proposal ecosystem already a closed :lock: system for only “the well known, famous high noun society”.

Don’t get me wrong, if it is that way it would be a pity but easy to decide to take an idea to some VC or even to public authorities promoting start ups.

But I rather would love to go with nouns if it is what it always seemed to be on the first glance (at least for me)…:

A fantasic project of the bleeding edge of Tech+Art+Social layer

Hope I wasn’t mistaken!


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Sounds pretty cool, maybe make a thread for it!

Tokenizing tickets is a game-changer, seriously. No more losing tickets, dealing with scalpers, or those post-event blues when your ticket stub is just a memory.

I can’t believe nobody has implemented this yet.

Hey There! i have a simple idea that can work, something similar to what i proposed about baseville. BaseVille A Storytelling Universe supported by NounsDAO

i can 3d model any nouns that wants to participate and create an animated series on Unreal engine, this could help having content on social media and letting everyone share the stories that will be recreated using nouns.

i would love to help in anything i can