Nouns need something more innovative

I think that the means of destroying culture are suitable for mass acceptance and popularization. Basically, you could print a small comic and sell it (I can just give it away) in local stores.

Make limited editions and it will spur the interest of ordinary people.

In modern realities, when AI manages to distribute a lot of content, you don’t even have to hire a huge staff of employees.

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I would love to share 3 proposal on this note (or at least share the ideas for now). Sadly every post that i have made across the nouns ecosystem hasn’t received a comment back so I’m hesitant to put it all out there. If anyone wants to hear, i can open a thread

How about a proposal for me to bring more awareness for nouns within a period of 3 months?

0x9d35D46dE62a4017b69540cFA4648B65099B7b0e My address for 3.65 eth.
That would be a great amount to build a whole network and bring awareness but it doesn’t come with money it is the relentless amount of time you put to bring the most
Blood & sweat :drop_of_blood:
3 months is enough to go mainstream.

Aether Zedition This is a collection on Zora network it will switch to a different network and give benefits to all nouns and buyers
Hint* Just read the description in the collection page

Collab with the blue-chip to launch our own model but with a amazing twist :thinking: :shushing_face:

Airdrop 1 completed for the holders. :star_struck:
And a Puzzle Hint was dropped for the holders.

Clue for My lovely Nouns community go to discord to access the Secret Hint.
Where is the discord??

Aether Zedition (
Find my t____er in the c_e__t__ Page

I agree with you; we need to solve real pain points from mass people to make public good. I had a proposal, but it got hidden by the forum bot accidentally, so I have to paste the Google cache to show you my idea - What do you think?

I can bring that fire. Let me know if this post gets seen and I can lay it out.

I think your solution is an already existing one and it doesn’t solve anything (It isn’t a Problem to solve currently), you mentioned to provide guidance, you think that only stands to solve and pass your proposal also the budget is to much for a four-day old in the nouns community member and it is fake in all angles of your presentation.
Solving a problem in the Nouns Community doesn’t always mean you should have Big or Low Budget Sometimes a little from (Very Low) the treasury and a self-sustaining system (Zero Budget System) is great.
Aimimg for High Budget for an existing solution that are more effective that yours, well that is over for you.

This Applies to Everyone:
If you are so passionate to build something, then build it effective and efficient from others

You have community which is already present so build with zero budget.
It is most savage way to build an efficient system and grow with the community.

Failure is the power to build destruction.

Hey Nouns4155,

Thank you for your idea!! I really appreciate it!

I’m sorry that my account raised your questions, well also the amount I tried to acquire. Please let me clarify that I applied the fund in a one-year-stream and the Nouncils can terminate it any time, so the power is balanced, and the goals are aligned to build this product together without anyone can do harm. I know there are lots of cons in this field, so I’l willing to address any question any one raises.

As to the Zero Budget System you mentioned, I would call it Minimum Viable Product, I already finished the MVP in past years, using free tech stacks like CEX+API+spreadsheets to help onboard newbies and it proved such product will significantly increase newbie’s onboarding rate by 10x, so I know it is be a good time to ship the product (before this bull run). I’m confused why the presentation is fake in all angles, and no hard feelings, I would love to discuss.

Your last question is there is an existing solution, would you mind give me a link so I can research on? That would be super helpful, thank you @Nouns4155!


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#Solana gets #nounish

WTF. is this real? I can’t believe how blatantly some of us are ignored.

I will buy 35 nouns at 15 eth each. Show your interest here. I have been trying for months to get involved in the community, but I feel you rather force people to be outsiders.

I am more than happy to win auctions for 10eth and fork for 22eth,but much rather we grow this community to epic proportions.

Comment anything below… or nothing, your choice

Your engaging on a platform that no one uses anymore. Best bet is to join a community Discord server like Nouncil or Lil Nouns or engage on Twitter or Farcaster.

Hey Mate, the budget you requested is too high for a platform that is similar to some of the major exchanges (ex. Binance Safepal Ledger etc) are doing more effectively and the idea is good (Solution) not that your idea is bad but i think it is not viable solution for the current trend to build well if you see your product must bring awareness to nouns so it doesn’t solve it and the trend is changing rapidly. To bring newbies it is good to build new tech
Simply user interface to solve your crypto needs is a existing need doubled up, You Get it.

Keep on building innovately
Beyond Infinity.

Hey man, thanks for your honest thoughts on the budget and the comparison to major platforms, I really enjoyed our convo, so I just got my first Noun and hope we can talk more and dive deeper with you fun people.

You’re absolutely right about the rapid change in trends and the necessity for innovation to attract newcomers. The goal we had wasn’t just to replicate what was already out there. Instead, it’s about creating a more intuitive, user-friendly interface that bridges the gap for newbies, making their entry into crypto smoother and less daunting - trust me, this didn’t change for years; what’s nice and easy for us is crazy scary for newbies, they don’t have any means to start with confidence.

I am really good at building product that combines new techs in different fields and creates outstanding user experiences. I will refine the proposal and update u. And yes ser, I’ll definitely keep your feedback in mind when I do it.

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I am replying as an outsider of the Nouns community, an observer I should say. I think that what Nouns brings to the table is the decentralization of organizations, aka DAO, and this is where the focus should be, on the governance of Nouns itself, how decentralized/democratic it is, what mechanisms are in place for accountability, and of course to keep expanding and working on marketing elements as you’ve done well so far. So these are two vectors of action IMHO for the long term sustainability of the project. I kindly remind the community that as of 17/06/2023 out of the 290 projects approved, around 23,3% were yet to be implemented IRL. I don’t know what the figures would be by now. Just my 2 cents.