Nouns need something more innovative

Nouns need far more in development for everyone to see this a trend as product with capable of acquiring the current trend.
I think first this needs to be a product of use case currently this is built on blockchain so apart from the blockchain community other should see the potential.
The best solution for it to become popular is to use in proper development strategies like for instance all popular accessories like noggles etc are popular through movies and short films trying that won’t work all the time cause it needs some element to it to be popular for example tom and Jerry got popular because of the jokes and funny play between a mouse and cat with a dog(not all the time.
The best way to improve the development with my research for this trend would be
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With my research i am developing the solution.
I love Nouns :heart:
Sorry we love Nouns :heart: :heart: :heart:


A radical solution would be games but in more an approach to the current trend not blockchain cause blockchain needs more people adoption. This could be a part of the game but not the entry to gaming.
We need to acquire the gaming industry with the different approaches like:

  • Easily playable (All different ages involved in game).
  • More innovative.
  • Incentivize the community (Reward in what make the game to next level).

I choose the gaming side cause nouns movies and comics need better scene (explained earlier) also it is in development don’t want to make changes but a more suitable and innovative solution
gaming industry can be more innovative compared to comics, this generation loves innovation and technology,

science based survey says games are more better and selected by individuals of all ages compared to stories and comics

Do we need a survey for this question?
No, of course this is the result you would have expected unless you are from the B.C’s :smile:
But it should not be an old versions of games, A innovative version that will make nouns and noggles a part of history. Just like i wanted it to be one of the best cause of pixel art and the noggles.
I will be with the team for the end of my tech journey which is my whole life and develop most of my products integrated with nouns.

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Yes! Agreed. We need to integrate into easily accessible and populist mainstream media outputs, like you suggest very accessible games, all ages not necessarily on-chain.
On-chain data, community tools and new forms of Open IP are a critical point in human evolution but are not yet mainstream and people do not quite understand the value proposition. Too many friction points.


Yes, the game should be mainstream media output making it accessible for everyone but different from other mainstream media games for instance rewards make it popular, etc. also with features that are good making it boasting and slight tactics used for an example rain world game. .

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I think the nouns movie as a bug :bulb:

What do you think about a European music tour?

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I am planning to propose the ideas in nouns center ideas and start working with the team.
Any feedback :roll_eyes:.

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I would make a small thread on my twitter and propose the full plan of idea in the website.

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:thinking: Anime game or comic games :shushing_face:
just like spider-man: Into the spiderverse or spider-man: Across the spiderverse.

The main trend of Non-photorealistic rendering which is used in the two movies above by Pixar
How would it be in the game industries, a game like this apart from 3d models
superb! if so drop a comment.

Posted the idea to team.
And made a twitter thread on some parts.

Crack the Code:
I am planning to pick a good name for the game developing (Nouns game)
Comment some names

I think popular things are made from hundreds of content. more ideas, more chance


We need to come through some criteria’s to understand the problem and create a reliable solution (strategy):
1. What is the problem for Nounsdao.
2. Why the problem is not improved (Current structure) and solution.
3. Who need to try the plan to work out.
4. Where does the problem need more effective and strategical solution.
5. When will the implementation take place.
6. How will this benefit the community.

If this is found and solved we might get to the brand acquisition phase, noggles will become the trend.
All projects working on any project should consist this formula so this will take eliminate waste cost from treasure and make the ideas more effective.

Note: Ideas can be generated by anybody but trustful and secure funding for the correct person who is doxxed or well known is important.

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Any pixel art animators or graphic designers could join us in the developing process

Something is brewing :bowl_with_spoon:

Note: This would be part of the game :shushing_face:.



The amount of time I took to develop my project was worth a lot of time so i am planning to give special privileges to nouns community as a chance.

i have a playable nouns game demo currently, let me know and i can share a link. a proposal will come up in the next week or so on it, i hope i can gain your support!