BaseVille A Storytelling Universe supported by NounsDAO


BaseVille is an innovative storytelling project focused on user-generated content and immersive experiences powered by Unreal Engine, BaseVille invites users to share their stories, tales, and various plots which are then transformed into animated series episodes.

The vision is to create a participatory and dynamic narrative universe where everyone has a voice and the chance to share something to the world.

Project Details: Each week, new characters designed by me will be introduced and auctioned off. These characters will play roles in the animated series. Given the traits and personality of each character, I will choose the ones that best fit the story.

The plan is to extend BaseVille across all social media platforms to increase our reach and build a community. Each narrative chapter will be minted as a unique digital asset, much like owning your favorite chapter.

Owners of the characters featured in each chapter will receive royalties, creating a continuous engagement and reward ecosystem. If the story is shared by one of our holders, their character will be the main character of the tale, ensuring they receive something in return for sharing.

Technical Approach:

Using Unreal Engine allows me to not only produce high-quality animations but also to plan for future enhancements to strengthen our community bond.

I aim to introduce interactive scenes where users can create and share their own story-driven content, further enriching the BaseVille universe.

Team: Currently, I am a solo founder with experience in creating animated shorts that can go viral on social media. I am the creator of the Instagram page GodSaveTheBlock and the interactive TikTok series MrNobodyNovel, where users feel like part of something by contributing to a novel.

i have more than 7 years on the 3D modelling area.


Funding Request: I’m asking for a small grant of 2 ETH to be able to support the initial developemnt and launch of BaseVille. Allocating the funds like this:

  • Character Design and Animation: 0.8 ETH
  • Rokoko motion capture suit: 0.7
  • Platform Development and Integration: 0.5 ETH
  • Marketing and Community Engagement: 0.5 ETH

How i plan on paying back

As a way of saying thank you for the support from the Nouns community, I want to offer a percentage of the income generated from the minting of episodes and characters back to the Nouns DAO. Additionally, I will include Easter eggs and features from the Nouns community in every episode.

Art Previews:

The following Gifs are taken from the actual videos i’m preparing for launch.

WhatsApp Video 2024-05-03 at 1.49.22 PM

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