Proposal: Nounish Fall Guys-esque competitive multiplayer game


Chef Studios is planning to create a 3D, Fall Guys-esque game with Nouns branding. Anyone will be able to compete as their favorite Nouns, using a similar character selection to something like Super Smash Brothers. Users will win prizes in the form of NFTs or Tokens, and any Nouns used in games will receive a portion of these rewards as well as POAPs signifying how often their Noun was played as.


Nouns has potentially the most exciting brand in web3 right now. The culture is unparalleled, the mystique and scarcity create allure, and the Nounish dominion over the memes is powerful. We believe that Nouns is positioned well to leave a legacy, and a competitive game that is both fun and Nounish seems like a great way to give back to web3 and propagate Nouns.


50 ETH for the delivery of Milestone 1. Funds to be streamed monthly (~25 ETH) with an estimated 2 month delivery target. With this 50 ETH investment, we believe we can proliferate the meme on a massive scale.


Milestone 1 (~2mo) - First Basic 3D game with Nounish branding

Create a Nounish Fall Guys game where users can select a Noun to play as, and compete against others in a matchmade lobby. The earn component won’t be implemented here, so users would instead choose from a list of nouns to be their avatar for the game, similar to a character selection system like in Super Smash Bros.

Milestone 2 - Provide incentives for playing

Users and Noun-holders whose Noun is used in play will receive some sort of reward for playing. POAPs will also be kicked back to Nouns.

Milestone 3 - Season 0 Complete - Noun Event

As we flesh out the game loop, we will wrap up Season 0 of The Universe with a Nounish event. Given that the first game is Nounish, we want to tie up the lore of the first season, and release the flood gates on more games with more themes.

Milestones 4+ - More games and community features


  • Gaming has already been proven time and again to be engaging and retentive. We haven’t seen a proper web3 game focused on “fun”.
  • Play-to-earn is starting to show its true colors. Longer times to re-coup initial cost, way too much focus on earn. Calling these games is tenuous at best. “FUN” should be the primary goal of a game.
  • The Nouns is an awesome brand, and keeping the meme alive, while also changing the landscape of play-to-earn is a one-two punch.


  • Why not just play Blankos?
    • Blankos is fun, engaging, and technically web3, however they’ve more or less reskinned existing web2 games, but with a web3 twist. You earn NFTs in Blankos, but it’s on their own chain with their own currency, and these NFTs are not interoperable. We believe making a web3 game that is focused on fun, with web3 rewards that are on a major chain is a necessity. And Blankos isn’t Nounish at all.
  • How will this proliferate Nouns?
    • We want to brand the game as a Nouns game. We believe Nounish branding of a game that will be played by everyone in web3 will proliferate the meme.
    • The amount of social media content created by game-type experiences is endless (re: Twitch, Youtube). Nouns being the backdrop for all the content generated by users would mean eyeballs from everyone on Nounish content.
    • Viral loops will be built into game. For example, the win screen will automatically generate a 10 second video with link to share with highly engaging nouns-branded content.
  • Why are you the ones to build this?
    • The team at Chef Studios spent the last year and a half building a 3D web3 Chuck E. Cheese in VR. We are well acquainted with both web3 and multiplayer 3D. Before that we built an SEO-driven gaming website with a mix of flat and VR games that grew to 1k+ DAUs in less than 3 months on $0 marketing spend.

Physics Engine:

Win Screen Example:

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