Nouns making it easy

we’re an eclectic group of friends,
passionated about web3, art, gaming & beyond

we’re putting together a project, , to achieve the following goals:

  • facilitate web3 entry ( we’re tired of languages barriers, tech barriers, and all barriers really)
  • recognize artistic talents and support them with crypto

creating fun tutorials, in the form of cartoons, where nfts & other characters will easily explain concepts needed to enter web3 space ( from how to download discord, to explanation of concepts like account abstraction) in many languages, and keeping it cool.

why? to have artists & non-techie people equipped with everything they need ( discord account / wallet / knowledge ) to be able to join our paint&earn initiative & earn crypto/nfts doing what they love to do

in fact the idea is to have an open call on discord for artists, have the community vote through quadratic voting, and have the artists paint their interpretation of a specific web3 concept or nft, on the same day, all around the world, providing them with paints & sending them crypto once the wall is colored
through this we will achieve revaluation of areas around the world & web3 education on the streets
also, non artist can participate by hunting the walls & with other activities

we would love to add up nouns both on murals & in the tutorials cartoons, to also raise awareness of what you guys do, and help people with not much access or knowledge needed to apply to your program & grants
we see a very large number of great ideas & projects, just stuck in people’s mind for lack of access, or luck of funds, reason why we would love to open up doors & would be great to do it together.

I’ll add up some images of characters we have in mind for the cartoons & some examples of murals
curious to know what you guys think about this
peace out