Nouns Emojis Server

Emotes are great. They spread memes. We want to spread the Nouns meme. We should spread Nouns emotes.

We have a lot of great Nouns emotes! But getting things added to the main Nouns server is tough and sooner or later we’ll hit the 50 emote cap.

I propose we create a community server that’s moderated by a committee of nounsfolk that are focused on proliferation through emotes. This community server would have clear upload guidelines so that anybody with a good idea for a Nounish emote can get it added.

To use these emotes, all you have to do is have Discord Nitro and join the server. You can bring those emotes with you to any other servers you join. Pepe emote servers have millions of members for just this use case: accessing a library of great emotes that they can use in all the servers they’re in.

I’ve commissioned ten peepo themed emotes and put them in a server to bootstrap the idea. To see and use them, join the server here.

I don’t really want to be the main owner of this effort. If you want to be the main moderator, please raise your hand! I just want this to exist so people will upload their awesome emotes and I can use them (I’m looking at you @sernoadz).

intern out


Please lead the way @sernoadz :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:


Love the idea! And would love to contribute, help moderate in whatever capacity I’m needed!

Let’s spread the Nounish emojis far and wide.

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very cool! Small Grants would be happy to commission more Nouns emojis for this purpose

Any suggestions of what you’d like to see? Will also try to add a community aspect to this, reach out to other artists for more emotes and also stickers.

eye-catching animated ones

Would we be able to get small grants to fund the server being boosted so we can have a vanity URL for invites, have more capacity for emojis/stickers?

shouldn’t be a problem… what’s something like that cost?

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14 Boosts is what it takes to get to Level 3 and unlock all the Discord stuff. ($489)

What do you think @nounsintern? I think having an easy invite URL will allow us to spread this Discord to as many people as possible. We can just start with what we have and once we hit the limit, we can come back to small grants and ask for funding.

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Yeah! Very worth it in my opinion. Great idea.

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yep no prob, do it and shoot me a DM on discord with eth address

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