Proposal: Nounish Meme Factory by GOAT CLUB

Order 69 nounish gifs, jpegs and mp4s for 15E from the first Nounish Meme Factory –hereby known as GOAT CLUB aka and tummlin (owners of noun #116).

One of the founding principals of Nouns DAO is based on the thesis that backed by provenance, NFTs can be used as value capture for memes, and that therefore we should spend the treasury to proliferate Nouns as much as possible.

Nouns is digital (and internet) native, and the majority of people interacting with it are doing so on twitter and discord, so the first port of call should be to arm the nouns, and extended NFT and crypto communities with as much ammo for the meme war as possible.


Goldy has been a part of the Nouns community since early testnet, and Tummlin was lurking for a weeks before they purchased their noun together ~150 days ago. Both have already compulsively created all manner of high quality nounish, memish content, which has garnered hundreds of thousands of impressions, and been shared countless (no, literally, we don’t know how to do this) times on twitter and discord by the wider community to express their nounishness and spread the meme.

Some examples here:
And more below:

Our vision is to focus mostly on the content we know works; we want more of it. But we also want to be flexible, and move wherever both excites us and is getting traction. Part of the process will involve some experimentation to try to find new avenues for impact, ideally we unlock new nounish ideas. We will deliver within 1-3 months.

We will mainly focus on:

  • Nounish remixes of reaction gifs

With a secondary focus on:

  • Nounified static memes, cartoon/comics, and pop culture remixes
  • Nounish artwork (pixel art and otherwise) with cultural references and memetic resonance

And we may experiment with:

  • Brand new nounish memes (as opposed to remixing existing memes)
  • Lo-fi nounish videos
  • …Perhaps something not yet considered

Community requests:

  • We will create a twitter hashtag, and a channel on the nouns discord for the project (or perhaps our own discord if its neccesary) for community members to request remixes, content or share ideas.


  • Livestream the creation of 1-2 gifs
  • Timelapse of a creation of 1-2 gifs


We’ll upload everything we make to accessible repositories for easy use, especially those with native integrations to social platforms like Tenor and Giphy, as well as a repository of all the things we have made and will continue to make (Google Drive or Dropbox etc.)

We’ll convert the most appropriately scaled work as Discord reactions (emotes) for extra ease of use. (Happy to either host these on a Goat Club discord server or give to Nouns DAO server admins).

We will also make dedicated efforts to share this content, as natively as possible (as well as find ways to encourage others) via twitter and discord to increase awareness of the existence of all of them. Connecting the gifs with a hashtag like #nouns or #nounify could be quite powerful.

Nouns Nounsdao GIF - Nouns Nounsdao Nounish GIFs

Worst case scenario:
There’s a whole bunch of new Nounish content to enjoy, share, and proliferate.

Best case scenario:
We strike gold memetic gold and some content we create spreads far and wide on the internet, beyond our nounish bubble.

We’re big fans of Noun 40’s Retroactive Outsized Rewards idea in general, and we’d love for the DAO to be open to such a thing if anything we made here became a huge success (eg. millions of views etc).

nounish-bet-casino 3

Thank you Nouners and Nounees, we look forward to hearing feedback, ideas and questions.

Goldy :goat: & Tummlin :goat:



henceforth LFG now means LETS F****** GIFFFFFFFF

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question: does Tenor and/or Giphy give you (creators) view or download stats?

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Yes, just yes. Only question I might have is whether the Nounish Meme Factory could be either in this round or in the future (I imagine the factory should continue to run even after this batch) be run by a team that doesn’t include you. Not that I don’t appreciate GOAT CLUB original gifs but there could be even more important things that you’re uniquely positioned to create such as the “What is Nouns?” “What is Nounish?” intro video the DAO discussed a few times. We’d fund that in a heart beat and the only limitation on that is your time, no?


Nounification has been top notch from GOAT CLUB, can’t wait to see more.


I’ve investigated this (somewhat) and I believe tenor sadly does not give you access to stats, my understanding is Giphy does… however “For now, only official Artist or Brand GIFs and their corresponding Channels will display view counts”

So it’s frustating that it seems difficult to access. I’d love to be able to see these stats.

If anyone knows if theres a way we might be able to discover this info please let me know!


Thanks @noun40 for the enthusiasm and also I appreciate the question and the expression of trust.

I thought I’d replied to this ages ago, but apparently not, sorry for that!

I thought deeply about what you’ve said, and i absolutely want to work towards a What is Nouns video project. I’ve been slowly onboarding more and more of my production team to Nouns and we’re getting the Nounish (Prop 64) video machine up to speed… I believe once we have it up and running (and a success) it will be the right time to expand into a series of Nouns explainers (ive already started drafting some though). I know it seems like something we really should have tackled earlier rather than later, but honestly I haven’t had the clarity of vision for it like I had with the Nouns Stories and now the Nounish marketing video strategy. So I havent pushed on it until it felt right.

Meanwhile, the factory is really about bite sized chunks of work that i’m already finding myself doing for nouns, in my spare time on weekends and in front of the TV and sometimes when I just get the itch. I don’t really see GOAT CLUB affairs as competitive with an Intro to Nouns project since it isnt made up of large focussed and collobrative time that could otherwise be used on such a project (and which is what the project needs), it is bite sized bits of work we can fire off when we’ve got the spare time and want to switch off from the deeper stuff.

In reality, as it stands, I keep getting sucked back into making proliferation focussed community content (like the gifs) constantly. So at least while that continues I’d like us to be compensated for it.


I am obviously 110% in support of this! We can never get enough GOAT CLUB content. I guess my only question, is that with it being a smaller funding amount, rather than the hassle of on-chain props, could we possibly find an agreement with small grants that puts a price tag on each GIF/piece of content from your team and then funds you accordingly with every new production? Either route, you have my vote.


GOAT CLUB and goldys gifs are very dear and important to me.

Apart from the central design of nouns (the distribution, the art, the flywheel), Goldy’s gifs are by far the most important thing that kept bringing my attention back to and slowly deepened my love for nouns.

“Nounwashing” pop culture is one of the absolute coolest aspects of Nouns so far and i hope my kid(s) wont be able to tell if vegeta actually had noggles in the original or not.

I would like to propose a tweak to the prop: in addition to the 15 ETH being asked for, we also reward GOAT CLUB with the next goat head noun that pops up at auction (so they have one each).


Thanks for your support!

This is an interesting idea.

Obviously we sit in a weird spot, a bit expensive for typical small grants, but on the cheap side of on-chain. We’d prefer the fixed fee where we can play within it and experiment (and aim to overdeliver), than to be chasing compensation for each indvidiual slice of content.

Thanks Krel,

Seeing the gifs used in the wild and talked about this way is really inspiring.

We hope with this proposal we can take it to the next level in a few ways.

We appreciate the support, and while we would fall over ourselves to be lucky enough to receive the next goat, we’ll leave that to some sort of potential impact reward mechanism :pray:

(also lol on vegeta origin confusion :laughing:)


these memes are great and i think we should encourage more of them

i would be in favor of milestone based payments to keep deliverables on schedule. ie instead of 15 ETH up front for 69, we can pay for smaller batches. i think this is a best practice and ensures quality remains high and deliverables are met at a regular cadence

Small Grants would be happy to finance 23 for 4 ETH to get the ball rolling

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We love GOAT CLUB. We love memes. GIFs last forever. 110% support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Just realised I hadn’t commented in here yet!

I am in full support also. The cultural/meme significance is huge with visual language like this.

I already feel the need for many more options when trying to “speak” using gifs and imagery that is nounish.

Thank you for your work so far and look forward to seeing many more :slight_smile: