Nouns Eco Friendly Pure Wool Handmade Rugs

Dear Nouns DAO,

Love the NOUNs design & I had a great discussion with Tyler about a possible collaboration with the DAO! I would also like to thank Nouns Instagram for sharing our rugs in stories & we have met some amazing nouners from New York!!

I am writing to propose a Collaboration between RCD & Nouns Dao! to make dope pure wool rugs for the community. Our project supports sustainable and ethical practices. As always we’ll source high-quality wool, spin, make rugs, and support local artisans to create beautiful and practical rugs that are reflective of our community’s style and values. This collaboration/product can be made available to the world, as Nouns Art is renowned for its unique and awesome design.


Gary Vee quoted & tweeted- Highest Quality rug I have ever seen! Alexis Ohanian commissioned us to make a doodles rug for her daughter & we are in Yugalabs IP physical products ecosystem as well. We will produce unique, top-notch rugs that uphold the ideals and esthetics of our community. By supporting this project, Nouns DAO can help build the local economy in our country and support sustainable practices (no project currently has used wool in rugs as raw material).

The funding from Nouns DAO will cover the cost of sourcing, paying artisans, and marketing the finished rugs. We’ll provide regular updates on the advancement of the project, and once completed, members of the DAO as well as members of the public can purchase them.

We can also fulfill the orders from our end & we are also open to shipping in bulk to the team.

Thank you for considering this proposal & we hope to rug all ya nouners the right way!

Your friendly ruggist,
Sobi @Rich Class Decor

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