These NOUNS are made for WALKIN’… But first COFFEE!

Greetings all, I hope your doing well and feeling awesome! :call_me_hand:

Let me first say thank you for the incredible response and feedback to the Nouns Coffee Mugs! Big thanks to all the DAO members. Thank you for opening the door to all builders and dream chasers. Shout out to Prop House!… I wouldn’t have found this space if it were not for you. :+1:

I wanted to give you guys an update to where I am with the project. So…I found the prop house auction 2 days before the submission deadline. I was going to enter, but then I decided not to, thinking I won’t win. I had entered the coloring contest previously, and didn’t even place. But I understand why… It’s was a coloring contest, not an ART contest. But that can still leave you feeling a bit dOUNISH (did you see what I did there?) :slightly_smiling_face:

It wasn’t until the night before (late mind you) I figured, what the heck. So I started brainstorming until I came up with the cups. I stayed up all night working on it, taking 10 min naps when I felt like passing out. Bout time I finished and uploaded my proposal, It was down to the last 10 to 30 minutes left on the submission deadline. I was listening to the Prop House twitter space at the same time while I was working. I was listening to the lead commentator speak… As I uploaded it, his speech slowed down and he paused… So I know he was seeing it come through. But I didn’t know if it was because I just missed the deadline, or he likes it. Turns out to be the later.

I never thought; I can’t bring this to life, or that it would be hard… I thought, “I can do this with 1 Eth.” I’ll do a small run, and use those funds to make more, but as I crammed 10,000 hrs of: how ceramics are made and the business of, into 1 month… I found that’s easier said than done.

The last 2 weeks, I have been coordinating and working with a manufacturer in china. When it comes to original custom mugs, the minimum order is 1000 pieces. Since the Nouns mugs come in a set of 2, that’s gonna be a total of 2000 mugs, or 1000 sets. So here I am… I come to house of Nouns seeking additional funding.

The completion and delivery date is May 10th.

Seeking 4 Eth. Should be enough to cover the cost, and have enough for contingencies, or should I have to hire someone to help, I can cover it.

The price points are:

2000 Cups: $5140.00
1000 boxing: $1250.00
Shipping: $ 500.00

Total: $6890.00

“Alright Stop… Proliferate and Listen, The DAO’s Back With A brand New Mission!”

Now… Can we WALK and talk about how a Noun would walk? :slight_smile:

Question: How would a NOUN walk if it could? Are we not our Avatars and PFPs?.. Better yet, what would a Noun wear?.. That would be a better question!

Nouners need kicks, the world needs Nouns… And kicks! I Propose a physical Nouns sneaker! The "AIR NOUNS” or “NOUN AIRS” I think we can come up with a dope silhouette with a cool color way, to share with the Metaworld and the Real world
The goal will be to come up with a few different sketches, color mock ups, and bring the Nouners together to discuss the designs. Once we agree on something cool. Get a 3D model up, and then go into the building of the physical prototype. From the material for the panels and a mold for an original sole.

BUT!… While the coffees brewing, and the “AIR NOUNS” stewing. I propose we have an appetizer. A taste or preview of what’s possible, and to come. I bring to you :drum: :drum: :drum:!!!

The Nouns Custom Shop
Before crypto and NFT’s I customized sneakers for awhile. I have some experience in that space. So, I would offer a limited run of customizable sneakers with an NFT to go along with it. Once the sneakers are done, I’d post it up on openseas, transfer it to you; then ship you the physical sneakers. I was thinking .5 Eth per custom is a fair price. It includes the base shoe, which can run anywhere from $100 - $350 depending on the look we shooting for; may require a dead stock sneaker. That price also includes paint, material and the shipping cost. Wait… If I transfer it to you, that means gas fees. Hmm…

I would like to start off with 7 pairs. 5 for DAOr’s that want them, and the other 2 we could use to give away in a “follow and like” twitter campaign, for whichever Nouns twitter account you would like to promote. I included some before and after samples of my work, along with some Nouns Customs ideas.


For the “AIR NOUNS” prototype.
2 Eth should be sufficient enough to get a sample out of the mind meta to IRL. Depending on how fast the design is green lit. Could have the proto in a month. We will show Kanye how navigate the Phygital realm.

For the "Nouns Custom Shop."
1.3 Eth would get the ball rolling. The shoes should ship to me on March 11th. If I were to order them this week. It would take me 5 to 7 days to do the shoes.

7 Nike Blazers @ $100 each: $700.00
Compressor, paints and supplies: $533.00
Labor and Sustenance: $2100.00

Total: $3,333.00

Well… I’m here for your questions and insight. I thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate all you do in this space! I feel like your really on to something. I’m grateful to have stumbled in, and found a small spot to plant in. :pray:

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appreciate the proposal, seems like you have a lot of ideas here! would you be able to deep dive on one specific idea within this proposal that you would like to create? from there could you expand on the budget, timeline, team, key milestones?

I would like to see this broken up into two separate discussions. The first half you’re talking about the coffee mugs in this link, correct?

I’m just going to talk about this, because I think people are generally excited about it and it’s a priority to get it approved.

  1. Can you elaborate on what happens with the Nouns mugs once you’ve manufactured them? Are you selling them? Shipping them?
  2. Is it possible to create more of these mugs easily after this round?

Hi, Rumi. I appreciate the response. Thank you! Yes I have a lot of ideas! I already have another Nounumental idea, it’s really cool too, lol!.. But i will hold back on that one for now. I love the idea of noun sneakers, but as of right now the focus is on the Coffee Mugs. I have that in the works right now. With the overseas manufacturer I’m working with, the eta on that is around May 10. I am working to move that up to Mid April, possibly sooner. with, the eta on that is around May 10. I have recently found some amazing local producers; which will cost much more. I am solo, but I have support should I need it. I’m looking at the end of this month as a key milestone, big update.

Hi, Joel! Thank you.

Yes, I will be selling and shipping them via online store.

Once the initial molds are created, it’s no problem to get more done.

Hey d09, I was wondering if you have any updates to share? Maybe some sneak peeks and prototype photos? :eyes: :eyes:

How did the talk with the manufacturer go? Have you managed to move the delivery date sooner? Are you working on some custom branded packaging?

Did you get that additional funding you were seeking? With the rise of ETH, that 6900 USD would be more like 2 ETH now, instead of 4 ETH.

Hi Maty! Update incoming next week, along with a few other nounish things :shushing_face: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Talks with manufacturer are good. I’m working the boards on the package layout and design… I’m finishing up on that.

I have not received any additional funds. I moved a few boxes around to compensate and keep the train going.

Thanks, Maty

Ello, I got the official box packaging ready… Actually it’s not a box, it’s more like a virtual experience, or 3D blueprint for a future nouns hangout. It’s subject to change or be tweaked. I tried to be fair to every noun… Who’s on kitchen duty?.. Who’s gonna fly the plane?

I set up a Shopify store where I will sell the mugs Yes, I will be putting complementary br(N)ounies in each order. The name is a tad long, but I thinks it’s a cool concept for nounish products. Not only will the items be World Renouned, the world is being Renouned, or nounified. I put some proliferation pieces up on the site, while I get things together.

New dates: Pre-sale launch July 15th Shipping date July 27th. Subject to change depending on funding. The initial run / 1st drop will be 100 box sets. A total of 200 mugs.

My initial funding ask was right around 6k or 4 ETH at the time. I have reduced it to 5k, since I don’t need to out source, or go out of town or over seas. Everything is right where I am.

Sorry I missed you yesterday, Maty. I thought I would have had it done sooner, but the files are so big, every time I move an object, I have to wait 2.5 seconds for the screen to unfreeze and move. The samples are attached. Thank you.
There are easter eggs btw.

Great update, awesome box design!
If I understand it correctly, you are looking for additional funding to buy the cups? Could you maybe break down the costs a bit more and also provide some more photos of the cups themselves? How are the prototypes?

I was gonna use an over seas distributor manufacturer. But I felt that could get pricey and have quality issue. And a bunch of back and fourth. Had to back off of that. Where I am, I found out that there are a plethora of ceramic shops at my finger tips, and the printers are here as well. So… I have been slip casting myself, and renting space here, at a shop here in town. I figured it be best to have quality control. I will post some vids of the cups.

The boxes $1400.
Divers $220.
Silicone $320. x 2
Supplies $430
Space rental
and my expenses $2100.

$4790 total