Small Grants: Persian Nounish Carpet

Nounish carpet will transcend the legacy of NounsDAO through many generations! Stylish, cozy carpets can be hung on walls, and installed on the floor. Carpets are luxury goods that make any home, restaurant, or coffee shop more aesthetically pleasing.

The purpose of this proposal is to understand public interest in nounish carpets, the cost, and logistics associated with the manufacturing.

If there will be a lot of community interest we can figure out a method to make more carpets for Nouns community. The initial response in the proposals channel on discord was positive!

Example 1: we can make a special discount on nounish carpets were NounsDAO will cover 20~30% of the carpet cost. In this case, the NounsDAO have a unique way to proliferate Nouns and the client will get a stylish carpet.
Example 2: we can give carpets as gifts to important nouns members or public figures etc.

I did a little research online and found that authentic Persian carpets are made in Iran. Also, Turkey is producing high-quality carpets.

However, to save time we can order a custom-made carpet from Rugknot company ( The Rugknot is a U.S.-based company that provides an easy process to order custom carpets and promises to regularly send photos of the progress.

Suggested carpet dimensions:
5’ 6 x 8’ [1.6 x 2.4 m]
6 ETH to produce 2 custom carpets. (The average price of a stock carpet without discounts is $5,000)

I propose to use unique illustrations by MΞSSHUP to create a couple of carpets.

MΞSSHUP designs

Proposal by NounsNation
discord: fiveoceans_dev(NounsNation)#5450

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Hi, I got quote for a handmade nounish carpet from Sonya Winner carpet company. The approximate cost is $27,000 for a 3.6x4.4 meter (11x14 feet) carpet. The company suggested to make a carpet at least 3.6x4.4 meter size due to high resolution of the details in the design image. The delivery time is 14 weeks.

Since it is a very expensive item, I decided not to pursue this idea. In my opinion, this is still an amazing idea, I wish someone will make a nounish carpet! I can give contacts of Studio Manager at Sonya Winner or you can reach out to them directly.