Nouns Blog: The Start of a Nounish Resource

In the history of Nouns Discourse, we have seen proposals of various literature; poems, comics, novels, and the list goes on. They’re all great in their own rights, but I’ve been wondering about this question ever since finding out about Nouns:

“Should writing be just confined to literary appreciation, or can it have another purpose?”

Introducing: Nouns Blog

Nouns Blog is a space where Nounish ideas are shared, both within and outside the community. The aim is to build a place where Nounders can read educational & informational articles, with the content tailored to the Nouns .

How? Why??

But why make a blog? This question obviously comes to mind, so let's address that.

A few weeks ago, Oni brought up the issue of new people being introduced to the Nouniverse.

Other Nounderz such as Brennen and Jawshua responded similarly, with concern over a lack of resources to properly introduce normies to the Nouns.
And hence, the need for Nouns Blog.

More About Myself

One of the reasons the idea for a "Nouns Blog" popped in my head is because I have already been writing, on the side. As a freelance writer who has been crafting articles for more than a year now, I think that blogging is a niche with untapped potential in the web3 space.

So here’s more about me :point_down:

Writing Genres:
Primary - Articles (Long form), Newsletters, PRs
Secondary - Website Copy, Short Blurbs

Crypto, NFTs, Blockchain, Metaverse, Web3

Diving deeper into:
CC0, Nounish derivatives, SubDAO Culture, 0CC (Zero Carbon Copies), and much much more.

Writing Style:
Informative, Educational. Yet keeping a casual and conversational tone.
Some of my pieces at ART HAUS may give you a better idea.


  • Technical Content - Probably won’t be able to go right into smart contract coding details.
  • Not willing to Doxx unfortunately. Various Nounderz can vouch for me though… I hope :slightly_smiling_face:

The Crux of this Proposal: Short Term Solutions

To kickstart the Nouns Blog journey, I plan to...
  • Start off with 3 articles (1500-2500 words) as a trial run, letting the community have a sensing of my writing style.
  • Work together with a graphic designer to get some custom-made pics done.
  • Post these pieces on Medium/Mirror pages for all to read and absorb. I hope @Cdt.eth would be able to help out with the integration.


This is still tentative, but here’s a proposed fund breakdown.

Blowned: 2 ETH
Overseeing the content, coming up with the ideas, proposing it to the community, writing the article, and making edits at the end of it all.

Graphic Designer: ? ETH
In charge of creating Nounish graphics for each article. Should be complementary with the article, around 5 graphics per piece.

Time Frame

We're really not in a hurry to start the Nouns Blog, I'd rather everything be settled nicely before we go ahead with the plan.

I’ll still have to find a graphic designer willing to partner with me on this project. Please reach out if you’re interested!

Targeted Timeframe:
Start: Late May
End of “Part 1”: Late June

If this first part is successful and the Nouns community likes our work at Nouns Blog, we have even bigger plans coming up, for a future proposal. Here’s a teaser :point_down:

Our dreams: The Long Term Vision

  1. Content, Compiled. The Blog should have it’s own page entirely in the future, with not just graphics, but also explainer videos attached , for those who hate reading.

  2. Nouniverse Spotlight. The Blog will also serve as a place for founders and contributors of other Nounish projects to publicize and proliferate their subculture. Through QnA styled interviews (with transcripts), the goal is to make more of these “derivatives” well known in the Nouns DAO.

  3. Decentralized Blogging. This is perhaps our biggest idea yet, and I’m all the more excited to making this happen. Decentralized Blogging is “Every Nounder can share their story in the Nouns Blog”. Think 100 people in their own Notion spaces, writing their own stories, compiled into one blog.

  4. Nountionary. Tentative idea, but having an on-chain Dictionary with custom “Nounish definitions” for words sounds cool!

At this stage, the Nouns Blog project will be much bigger, most likely engaging multiple parties in the Nouniverse, including:

  • Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Video producers
  • Advisory Board
  • Developers
  • And of course, the community!

But let’s not count the chickens. One step at a time, and soon enough, WAGMI!

For further detail into this project, do check out my notion page:

And that’s it! Feel free to reach out via Twitter (@BlownedEth), Discord (Blowned.eth#5048), or just comment here on Discourse if that suits you.

Looking forward to making my dream, become OUR reality.


So it seems like based on the ask you could get this through Might be best to start there, showcase the first blog series and then figure out how to make it much bigger! Nouns News!

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll probably draft something for Prop House, gaining publicity for the project. Probs won’t win the vote though, at least for this round (we don’t need 5ETH atm, but I guess I’ll try to offer more to fit the budget!)

hey, thanks for reaching out on discord. we could look at this for funding from Small Grants.

do you require ETH today to start working on this? i think you should write an article or two as a trial and then we can potentially fund you to write more if we like the way things are shaping up.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to read!

I meant for this proposal as a “Trial run” to the bigger plan we have ahead - which is a Nouns Blog with many more features than just my articles. So I was hoping Small Grants can fund this prop; which is purely to see if my writing style and articles fits the Nounish vibe.

I like this idea a lot and would be happy to help turn selected blog content into video assuming we can allocate funding. A big part of the lift in video making is having a good, well researched and written script so these two things could work well together. And obviously videos could be distributed via the blog.

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For sure! Making explainer videos is part of our second phase, should this first proposal come to pass.

We expect the next phase to be huge anyway… so there will be hundreds (yes, literally hundreds) of opportunities to contribute. Will hit you up again when the time comes!

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