Nouns activation in Kansas City

I’m opening the first digital art gallery in Kansas City. I have a location that is in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri on Main St. I have 8 55” Blackdove screens. I am wanting to foster blockchain education community development in web3, and digital art expansion.

Digital Dreams KC is seeking a grant of 10 ETH to create an innovative Nouns-inspired pixel art themed show, for an upcoming community event focused on blockchain education and digital art expansion.
This event, set to take place at my prestigious venue, aims to engage and educate attendees on the significance of blockchain technology in the art world. The grant will enable us to offer a unique experience where guests can interact with pixel art. There is a rooftop that provides 360 views of Kansas City that will be perfect to hand out nouns goggles to get attendees to see the view through while demonstrating the transformative power of new technology and the Nouns brand.

The funds requested will contribute to covering the costs associated with hosting such an event, including venue rental, catering, staff, security, and the technical equipment required such as GPUs, computers, screens, printers, and more. In gratitude for this support, we plan to offer Nouns holders exclusive access to the event, on-site branding opportunities in collaboration with Blackdove and Arbitrum on a dedicated screen for showcasing Nouns art and derivatives, high-quality branded photo and video content, and unique Nouns Prints for all attendees.

We believe this event will not only highlight the potential of blockchain technology and digital art but also strengthen the Nouns brand’s presence in the Midwest. We are eager to share this pioneering experience with our community and look forward to the possibility of doing so with your support.

I am excited about the opportunity to further the reach and understanding of NounsDAO through this event. I hope this interests you in the building of webs in the Midwest. Thank you for considering my proposal.

Mary McCawley
Digital Dreams KC