Nounish Sticky Candy

make candy to giveaway during events / drives / charity

Everybody loves candy! What better way for them to remember Nouns than to have them go thru a packet of Nouns branded candy? The candy would be individual packed into 20g sachets (example)

The two initial designs would look like this (keeping it simple as this is the first batch)

The glasses candy would be around 4-5kg in total while the ‘nouns’ word would require 1-2kgs to make.
So there would be a total of 5-7kgs of candy packed into 20g packs

Cost (Eth price ~ $1500)
Candy (at least 5kg) - 0.33E
Logistics to wherever its needed (excluding north pole or south pole) - 0.33E
Labour, storage and handling (6 months) - 0.5E
Custom sticker (for individual events) and packaging - 0.1E
Total - 1.26E

I believe having custom stickers for the candy is very important as it could be used for marketing or redirecting them to thru QR code

ALL 250-350 packets of Nouns Candy would eventually be given out for free!!!

If anyone wants to try please let me know and i’ll snail mail a packet to you if the proposal passes :wink:

ps. shelf life of said candy is 6 months

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Nouns candy go brrrrrrrr <3
This would be hella fun to have in person and try.

Pulled sugar being turn into intricate designs is nounish and a very cool traditional culinary art. Not sure where or how this is will be manufactured but hopefully a cool MVP for more larger runs. Looks like a co-pack, which is great, but could be clarified. 100% yes on the concept. Please feel free to come talk more about it on our Foodnounish podcasts.

Hi there
I’ve sourced a candy making company to make this candy, packing would be done by them as well at the source. They could do larger runs but as this is their first run with this design, it will be a smaller run.