Nounish houses around the world

Okay, following up on this tweet

→ Now picture NounsDAO as a Network State (see Balaji) with a few houses around the world…
What does it look like? How to get there?

Maybe starts with a small house, virtual first with collaborative 3D/4D models on the cloud, and then create physical mockups down the line towards a full case study. Rinse and repeat, the Elon Musk way.

Lets go through this with these intentions in mind:

  • open source
  • renewable / low carbon footprint
  • modular / flexible
  • community driven
  • built examples / proven technologies

Few questions to get us going:

A/ What for? Timeshares, Nouns owners/builders retreat, passive income, Nouns B&B ? etc Go crazy

B/ How do we pick up locations? Proximity to transport, national crypto regulations, climate etc It would be cool to run this experiment within different locations/climate/regulations. Maybe cheap land owned by the foundation is a good start to avoid conflict of interest.

C/ What are open source construction methods for modular homes? Can 20 of us build this using low tech, low energy methodologies that are available anywhere? Can we have a generic blueprint that is adapted depending on the context (economic, material, climate, location etc).
WikiHouse is an interesting project that we could fork from imo.

Lastly, since I am sure this will come up with nounish land owners:

D/ How does the land development differ from a traditional process? Who owns the land? Can the property title be legally tied to NFTs via a smart contract? Can it be fractionalized? There were a lot of startups working in this complicated area (Crypto+Land ownership) circa 2017-18, and I haven’t seen a lot of success so far. Do you have any interesting examples or know people who are to do something in that area?

If you have land that could be developed, maybe refrain from posting it here as this might lead to a conversation about the DAO as a land developer and that might not be the most fundamental discussion for now unless we figure out ways to have it being community owned and operated (see D).

Just wanted to start a discussion and see where it can goes.

*Any architects in here? Before Nouns I was an architect specialized in Building Information Modeling (basically building high fidelity 3D/4D complex models/databases to plan execution, costs, risks, operations). If you know about this and are familiar with Catia, Revit, Rhino and large scale digital fabrication etc, lets connect.


I love this concept. it feels perfectly nounish. Looking forward to contributing where possible

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In light of @Facuserif last tweet

Containers are also very easy to install and modify and there are all sorts of interesting building typologies that can be built using them.

I think it would be great to document nounish possibilities using a mix of containers, and CNC or standard building elements like plywood sheets.

If we really want to go the Elon route, we should start with the Roadster. What would that look like?

I argue one of the most exciting things Nouns can build when it comes to housing is a large villa in a place where nouners can meet yearly for the nouniversary without fear of traveling to place where they might run into federal issues.

Very unfinished idea but ill just leave this here for others to ruminate on.

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What type of occupation scenario would make the most sense for the DAO?

I am currently thinking of a B&B village in Indonesia, since it is a digital nomad friendly state and acquiring land as a foreign entity is still relatively cheap (although temporary with a 30 years contract in Bali as far as I know, would have to dive deeper).
I am saying Indonesia, but you could swap it for emergent states that want to brain drain digital workers away from legacy states. South America, Portugal etc

@krel I think the equivalent of the “Roadster”, if we make the parallel with Tesla, is a nice 2-3 bedrooms villa close to the beach in a beautiful natural environment with a solid access to infrastructure (water/electricity/transport and good internet).
Nouns holders would get free -or almost free- access to it and would be able to book a certain % days per year and the rest of the time it would be rented as a B&B. It could even accept crypto exclusively, making it niche and appealing to a certain crowd.
This could start as a sub 300k project but implications could be very powerful on the long run, and if well executed as a business could be a good asset for the DAO, and its becoming as a network state.

What do you guys think about this? Any ideas or comments?
I’m thinking out loud here, and this is long term, but very curious to hear your thoughts on this.