[PROPOSAL] A Cool Idea for Clean & sustainable Energy: investment opportunity for nouns dao @nounspropohouse

Hello fellow nounish friends, we invite you to kindly jump in on our project and give feedbacks as we discuss a more sustainable future for us all.


We’ve got this super cool, earth-friendly power generator that’s right up your alley.

  • Sustainable energy: It’s like a mini power plant that doesn’t need fuel so saves everyone money (poverty alleviation).
  • Climate change: Releases no fumes (0 green house gas emissions) which reduces carbon foot print of individuals and industries & help save our planet.
  • ROI: Presents robust ROI opportunity for nouns dao treasury.

Donating first prototype to Community higher institution to provide sustainable power for education Empowerment which will grant us access to proliferate nouns & adopt the community into nouns eco-system.


I’m shola, founder of xolutionist. an organization thats primarily into providing solutions to IRL situations that hinder growth and advancement in all fields ranging from agriculture and technology to education and climate action in developing Communities.

A major problem that Africans face in all ramifications of advancement from tech to agriculture is availability of electrical power supply. In most part of Africa, alternative source of energy is the main & for some, only source of power supply available. Due to high cost of renewable energy, Africans are limited to conventional energy: methods that rely on the combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity, and these are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions affecting our climate.

To combat climate change, a special division of our team have for years, sought for a more cheaper means of sustainable energy that the common man can easily access and only recently discovered an engineer who’s invented an alternative power source that generates 3kva of electrical power without needing Any external propellant yet produces 0 green house gas emission.

Meaning cleaner air, safer homes, financial freedom from gas cost and reduction in carbon footprint for a greener eco-system.

This device (which will be the first of its product line) is a 3Kva generator that is able to power a single home unit that houses 1 air conditioning unit, 1 energy saving refrigerator, dish washer, heater, 2 televisions & 10 led electrics bulbs. It’s climate friendly, non hazardous and happens to be less costly compared to average cost of renewable energy supply that produces the equivalent of its power supply. Its Easy to operate, cost efficient and highly durable.

The engineer is interested in joining nouns dao and is enthusiastic of all he can contribute to the eco-system.

This prototype although working & perfectly sound is still in its packaging stage, and in need of encasing for a polished and professional appearance.

Funds are the reason for the halt in progress of completing the device.

We intend to fund the engineer to finalize the completion of the 10kva generator.

Upon completion We intend to scale the capacity of this prototype from 10kva to 100kva and even up to 200kva to meet the higher demands of industrialist and expand its user base. This should in turn reduce the carbon footprint of more individuals and industries that rely solely on conventional/combustive energy means.

How does this project impact nouns dao upon funding this proposal:

  • If funded, nouns dao will be the principal investor & be guaranteed ROI that will go back to the community treasury. Returns will be generated from general sales of device, servicing & maintenance and licensing.

  • One of our goals is to support some institutions of learning especially in under-developed communities which will give us access into their curriculum to proliferate nouns.

  • The completion of this device will bring about a revolutionary approach to combating climate change.


  • Provide cheaper & more sustainable source of energy with those with little financial power in developing communities in focus.
  • Amplify the efforts of agencies that combat climate change.
  • Generate a lasting investment opportunity for the nouns dao treasury.
  • Proliferate the shift from combustive energy means to climate friendly means of energy to combat climate change.

Request :

We request 5 eth to bring this project to fruition.

  • 2 eth: to acquire final components and bring to completion the 10kva sustainable energy generator and safety testing the device ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

  • 2 eth: to fund the research of scaling of current device from 10kva to 100kva for industrial user.

  • 1 eth: research of other potential uses/capabilities of the technology e.g transportation etc.


  • Videos and images showing the 10kva capacity generator in full operation.
  • Donation of 10kva prototype to the local Community higher institution where we discovered the scientist. Providing the institution with sustainable energy to aid education empowerment.
  • The proliferation of nouns into the institution curriculum and starting a nouns club that shares nouns ideology and advocates the proliferation of nouns in the institution and Community at large.
  • Research results of all it entails to scale to 100kva capacity scaling.
  • Test results from the possible integration of technology power source into other means of power usage e.g transportation. I.E cars , trains etc

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This prop is a smaller part of a bigger picture where funding will be required to begin mass production and marketing where ROI will then be discussed so will require a subsequent more detailed proposal. As expected, project will eventually become self funded.

hi friends,
inviting any nouner to further discuss this proposal and probably contribute to the building of the proposal to a standard worthy of nouns community. i might be new to the community and not so good with props draft but i believe with some good read, anyone might be able to see the huge opportunity for the nouns Community with a project like this. thanks