Proposal: Noun Real Estate

Acquire real estate which will strengthen the DAO community.

For example, make a statement by buying real estate in affluent neighbourhoods and providing affordable rent to the most promising starving artists with an expressed interest in helping to propel the DAO community.

This should stimulate creators, draw attention to the power of Decentralised Autonomous Organisation and bolster the value of nouns.

Accept crypto payments for rent etc.

The treasury funding required depends on the scale of the operation. It would seem to make sense to start with a pilot property.

Once the ball is rolling the expansion of DAO manifestation will become an unstoppable force.


Do u mean IRL real estate?

If such a thing/place were to be considered - imho the “places” should address the crisis in housing all across the country today. I would lean into being super creative on “helping to solve” this problem with a creative “housing unit” of somekind to help the crisis. Lots of experiements and attempts have failed at this (history). Its a tough problem. None the less - its a very worthy idea. I’m thinking something super affordable and clean and “clean-able” (homeless struggle with hygiene) - maybe in the future some automated cleaning service (robotic - like a Noun). Homeless folk don’t want much and don’t ask for much - just the basics to get them through a tough season. Speaking of tough - the unit needs to be very tough - to take the abuse that it will receive. Sorry for the randomness - obviously u touched a nerve with me - in this need. I would lobby for a Crypto payment mechanism to “help/assist” - in this particular derivative. Cheers.

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Does anyone else getting the feeling that one of the fundamental barriers to the widespread acceptance of crypto is its abstract nature?

Crypto and NFTs are viewed by many as entirely intangible, whereas almost anyone can understand real estate.

Real estate is essentially a crystallised real world meme. By affixing DAO and nouns own memetic properties to the meme of real estate, the value of the cryptosphere can proliferate.

Making bold statements of shifting power dynamics turns heads, increases recognition and encourages further involvement.

Simultaneously maintaining and outwardly displaying high ethical standards could make a real difference to the world and give the organisation a god-like reputation detering threats to its legitimacy from other powerful organisations.

Besides, if nouns and the wider DAO community are to grow exponentially, leveraging the right tangible assets is a tried and tested approach to do so.

Thanks for this proposal @syd.jjj. It gives everyone a lot to think about. But I think it’s not a great fit for our mission at this time, while it also adds a lot of legal and managerial complexity that is not a good fit for our DAO. If you take some time to observe what we’re doing and what might work well and refine this and make it smaller and more precise in a way that obtaining real estate would fit better with our DAO or any DAO, I’d listen again. But it needs a lot more thought.

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@Noun12 ! Thank you for your response. Glad you found the proposal thought provoking and believe it to be worthy of further consideration.

The complexities of management and legalities shouldn’t be an issue. Any community members who have relevant experience would be prioritised. If there are any particular expertise which the community lacks, they would simply be handled by respective professionals, which the community has more than enough capital to employ. Again, preference would be given to professionals willing to accept Ethereum payments in exchange for their services.

Despite the community doing an incredible job of amassing a large amount of capital, it is currently at risk of contributing to the clotting of crypto-circulation, especially if the bulk of the capital is left to stagnate because only a handful of smaller scale proposals are considered.

There have been some awesome small to medium scale project proposals which I fully back and hope to see come to actuation.

However, wouldn’t deploying several macro-scale projects which encourage crypto-currency exchange and also provide the community with tangible assets be more sustainable and actionable than the alternative of deploying thousands of small scale projects?