InternatioNouns Small Grant Request

InternatioNouns exists to bring the international Nouns community together through the universal language of Art. Here’s how it works:

InternatioNouns is a multi-lingual community aiming to be a connector for the different languages that are represented around the world-wide Nouns community .

We currently operate a Noun o’clock soapbox Twitter spaces once per week and are expanding our discord. We would like to start a weekly art contest to show off the work of the amazingly talented artists around the Nouniverse.

Each week we plan to run an art contest through our Twitter space which will run for the entire following week. For example, 3 winners could be selected from the art contest to receive prizes of .25 ETH for first place, and two runner up prizes of .1 ETH. Those winning submissions will then be sold as limited edition NFTs with a maximum of 100 available for .01 ETH each. All of the proceeds for the mint sales will be split evenly between the prize pool and the InternatiNouns team doing the work behind the scenes. Any after market sales will have a 10% reward that will go back to the Noun o’clock team for their generosity in sharing their soapbox platform.

Our goal is that each week we will mint a minimum of 100 NFTS to make the system self-perpetuating at approximately .5 ETH in prizes. If we can mint the maximum of 300 per week, we will be able to expand this vision beyond just the weekly contest.

We believe this will help proliferate Nouns in the following ways.

  1. Consistent proliferation on Twitter and beyond through many art submissions from across the world.
  2. Connections between different language groups to bring together more teams and ideas.
  3. Onboarding a wide variety of new artists to expand on the success that Noun o’clock has seen through their contests.

We are requesting a budget of 2.2 ETH from small grants to kick off this experiment. It will be spent in the following ways.

  • 2.0 ETH to run the first 4 weeks of contests to give us an opportunity to test and adjust our format.
  • 0.2 ETH for admin costs to finish the minting site and compensate our builders.

Let us know what you think!

Submitted by !xargs, Santosh and andrewladdusaw.

Along with this amazing Twitter Spaces team:


This sounds awesome I look forward to this being implemented! Can’t wait to see the art that comes from this project!


This is a nice concept but honestly speaking as someone who has seen something similar like this before, there are often questions put up by artist who take part in such contest i.e what about their royalties ?
I mean the whole reason why artist got into NFTs were to get the financial freedom that comes from them + the royalties. Thats why many artist who already know how NFT works might not take part in it. The project has a nice cause for sure but not sure if many artist who are 1/1 and existing in space will agree on it. Those who are new and are looking for opportunities will for sure love to take part in something like this but later they’ll realize that what they did was wrong. I have seen few cases before where artist have regret not minting their first ever artworks from their own wallet, giving minting to someone else who have enjoyed the royalty amount without those artists knowing themselves whats going on.
It’s a good cause but the execution around artist should have a second thought

P.S. Who will be deciding the winning entries tho? Would that be on voting basis in a decentralized way? Or the team itself will decide?


Thanks @Evil ! We talked a great deal about this issue, but the regret that you bring up is provoking. We had not considered that. We could whitelist the artist for #1! I hate that someone took royalties without making sure that the artist understood, and will do my best to make sure that everything is clear up front. My concern there is that the artist might not be available when we open it up, but I am sure a little coordination will work!

We were not thinking about receiving for gain and don’t really want to think that way. This is designed with a virtuous cycle of creative proliferation in mind. I will also do my best to make sure that the artists go in eyes-wide-open, and that participation is designed


Oh no I didnt meant this in any provoking sense.
Just as an artist I think it would be good if other artist who would win in future know about these things. For sure a regular ROI during these grants are required for a project to stay on track. Just maybe the top NFT sells can also be split into artist getting royalities afterwards along with treasury of your project + team. Trust me this will ultimately help in goodwill among artist and the team and will increase the quality and quantity of submission as well if people know that they have a chance to get future royalities in a project of this level

Great stuff! i ultimately want community to make these choices as we go along. we are blowing up with interesting options. so, the purpose of this is to get things rolling. and i think experimenting as we go is important. i don’t want to lock things down tight. if everyone agrees. we are learning. as a group. forever. the project expansion of this is nothing short of intense. all are welcome to chime in at our discord, which is a weird experiment in and of itself. there is a team category where we do most of our work in public. we are at about 80% on setup of 44 channels. that is 4 sets of auto translating into 11 languages. these need considerable tweaking before they all work well and have correct and understandable channel names for each language, but the basics infrastructure is understood. once we nail it, we can add a couple dozen more languages and start auto translating a fair percentage of the building and planning. so, you go in and choose English. you post in general. then, in 10 other channels, your message appears in another language.

come play! we want your brains!

NSFW will fund this! let’s do it Andrew… please keep us posted of the results in this thread and the discord


Congrats Andrew! We look forward to the updates!

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The first contest is live. Please get your entries in and share with your artist friends. Let’s make this a big success for the meme!

Hey @noun22 and everyone!

We have re-launched our first contest with an extended due date:

And have started a second that uses the playground to onboard new folks!

Look at us grow!

Twitter Stats:

Discord Stats: