I. Small Grants: Nouns in Uganda + access to clean water

Hi Nouns community!

TL;DR: To spread the Nouns ecosystem in Uganda, Africa through the construction of rain water tanks.

I’m the co-founder of a Community Based Organization from Uganda named Faith Angels Ministry. We operate an elementary school and orphanage for unprivileged children while improving the quality of life in Karungu village through different initiatives.


Since February of 2022, we’ve been able to corroborate that Web3 can contribute to positive social changes, thanks to our participation in the first Open Town project, a Web3 initiative to develop real towns and communities through Web3 around the globe.

Our specific project consists of the creation of a collection of NFTs -Savanna Kidz- whose sales proceeds are being used for different purposes, such as building water tanks or a new classroom.

1st accomplishment achieved! Provide clean water

Prior to the implementation of the project, the people of Karungu had to walk 12 km through the mountains to collect water from the river. Given the distance between the river and the village, the children of Karungu lost school hours to collect water.

Thanks to the proceeds from the sale of NFTs we have managed to build 15 rainwater tanks that are currently providing clean water to dozens of families in Karungu.
[This is the river where Karungu children used to collect water from]

[Some of the children in front of one of the finished water tanks]
As a gratitude action, we decided to include a celebratory plaque with the names of those NFT owners who contributed to the success of the project and participated in the voting.
[Water tank with plaque]
[Detail on the plaque]
2nd accomplishment achieved! A new classroom

Once the first project was finished, the NFT holders and the community held a vote and it was decided to continue the initiative with the construction of a new classroom, since the previous one did not have windows, doors or floors, and in adverse weather conditions it was very difficult for children to study comfortably.

[This is the appearance of the old classroom]
Finally, the inauguration of the new classroom could be held in November 2022! Even a member of the Open Town project from Japan was able to join the ceremony!

[Picture taken during the inauguration ceremony of the new classroom]
②[Description of the initiative]

We want to keep building rainwater tanks, so that no person in Karungu has difficulties in accessing clean water.

In this little and remote village where months ago there was no clean water accessibility, we have been able to experience the positive impact of Web3, which is something that not everyone is convinced of . We want to share our experience to the world as a hopeful example of what can be done, and what better than to do it alongside the Nouns community!

The number of previously built water tanks is not enough to cover the whole population of Karungu, so we’re requesting 2.5 ETH to build a new water storage tank nearby the school.

In order to spread the Nouns ecosystem, not only in our village, but among all of our donors, team members and supporters around the world, we plan to decorate the built tank with Nouns motifs.

For sustainability and further expansion, our villagers will be engaged in construction and maintenance works. We use only simple and locally available materials and techniques.

Details on the water tank cost:

We intend to build a water tank that will be able to hold 30,000 liters of water, which can be enough reserve of water for almost a period of 2 months.

The 2.5 ETH will be used as follows:

・1.9 ETH for building materials and transportation

・0.6 ETH for labor cost

③[Benefits to the DAO]

NounsDAO is in the lead in demonstrating the positive impact possibilities of web3 and decentralization.

We hope that this initiative can become one of the first steps to bring this impact to a remote area of Africa, such as Karungu in Uganda. We believe that the implementation of this initiative could mark a before and after.

Check more details about our initiative and previous achievements here:

・Savanna Kidz site: https://www.savannakidz.com/

・Twitter: https://twitter.com/savannakidz

・Open Town project site: https://www.open-town.org/

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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Try putting up your idea on Prop house round 14
Good luck with noble cause :smiley:

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Thank you so much for the recommendation.

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Thanks for your suggestion! We have decided to submit the proposal in the Open Round 15! Prop House