[SCALE-UP] Nounish Cleanup In Rwanda, Kigali, Africa by NounsDAOafrica


3.5 ETH Grant to Scale Up "Keep Your City Clean - Nounish Clean Up "Activity into Kayonza, Kigali, Rwanda on November, 26th 2022.

Project Details: What are you building?


On August 20th, 2022. Noun O’clock team announced a Special competition about doing a Community clean up in Local area, here is the Link to Tweet. Some friends got together and we approached our local community leaders to see if we could do this cleanup in our local area. We were greatly welcomed and we shared a short 2 Hr Clean Up session.

We did a short video of the work that was done and you can watch it here: Clean Up Video

This Project was part of a competition with a 0.25 ETH prize which is going to be added to the 2 ETH grant to organize a massive Clean up in Multiple locations in our City.

That lead to being Funded 2ETH to do a Clean Up in Kampala as a scale Up from the 0.25ETH Competition. Which was successfully carried out on the 24th September, 2022: under the brand “Bulungi Bwansi: Keep your City Clean!”

We then did another clean up in Kiambu, Nairobi, Kenya from a Prophouse Round 11 fund of 2ETH. Which was successfully carried out on the 29th October, 2022. and here are some photos from “Harambe: Keep your city clean!”

We want to repeat this in Rwanda: With an Ubuntu Context of UMUGANDA

UMUGANDA!! - Come Together to Keep The City Clean

Road Map: When do you expect to Complete it by?

What are you Organising?

We Shall organize a 30 Person (3 Teams - 10 People Each) to do a 1 day/ Weekend Multiple location city cleanup with Fully Nounish Safety Gear, Merchandise and Conclude the day with a Nounish Food/ Pizza party In Kayonza, Kigali, Rwanda

Both Ugandan + Kenyan team are going to travel with a hired a Film and photography crew to capture all the clean up events and also the Nounish get together to share more about Nouns and Nounish culture!

When are you going to complete it?

We want to do this Event on the 26th of November, 2022. The role is to Proliferate Nouns into Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and eventually the whole of Africa with a simple Small Sufficient Funding from small Grants


  1. 30 Pairs of Boots & Gloves - 0.64 ETH
  2. Rakes, Spades, Hoes, Re-usable Trashbags - 0.37 ETH
  3. Photo and Film Crew - 0.5 ETH
  4. 30 Safety Masks - 0.1 ETH
  5. Nounish Reflectors - 0.1 ETH
  6. Food Pizza Party at Local Restaurant / After Clean Up Get Together - 0.3 ETH
  7. Uganda Team Travel - 0.63 ETH
  8. Kenya Team Travel - 0.83 ETH

Total Ask: 3.5ETH

Team: Who is Building this?

The team to execute this is the same team that did the Nounish Clean Up contest

  1. Davin - @davinoyesigye : Nounish Builder building Nouns Africa, GnarsDAO, Gnarfrica
  2. Queta - @quetalive : Marketing PR and Media + Sound Engineering
  3. Martha - @ishmartha : On Ground Activation Monitoring, Educator.
  4. Clement - .@cn47006: On Ground Activation Lead, Crypto Web Developer, Leader Kenya Team
  5. Joseph Trivia - .@josetrivier: On Ground Activation Lead, Kayonza, Rwanda.
  6. Nicholas - .@nicholasmbyemi1: On Ground activation lead, Kayonza, Rwanda.

Media: Please Share Any Media that will Help you Paint the Picture of what You are building?

nounDAOafrica - nounsdaoafrica.wtf

Building a scalable public goods deployment structure for NounsDAO in Africa.
Join our Discord: Nouns In Africa


Interesting how Nouns will take over Africa through the most welcomed Strategy of cleanups, I keep wondering what country on our continent won’t need this, it’s indeed scalable and appraciatable.
Thanks @davinoyesigye for this wonderful mission

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This is an awesome initiative, and inspiring for me. We have gaming tournaments going on with the biggest guild in Africa, Gamr. It’s cool to know Nouns is on the Continent. Let’s see how we can work together.

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Do you mind sharing your WhatsApp number with me?

Just DM me here; it’s quicker

a very succesfull event in ke looking foward for a much bigger clean up in rwanda@davinoyesigye lead team ug@klaus@cn47006 lets do this…#better cleaner africa

Nouns is taking AFRICA to the nex :sparkling_heart:t level of maintianing and keeping the enviroment clean

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