Nouns watermarked with IRL acts of kindness

PROPOSAL: watermark Nouns with Mosaics_of_Good

  • We propose to create a series of 365 NFTs for the Noun holders, which your DAO assigns to all the first 365 owners (in roughly 100 days from now). The Nouners receive this mosaic NFTs for free.
  • These 365 Noun owners then select which of our charity projects they want to financially support (i.e. kids in Africa or ocean cleanup in Miami…). They give us permission to mint a NFT with their Noun icon, adding our charity mosaics watermarks.
  • Each Noun ‘Charity’ NFT will then consist of 100 watermarked images of acts of kindness from a verified nonprofit. Each NFT mosaic will be unique as no act of kindness will ever be used twice.
  • Every Noun ‘Charity’ NFT represents and owns 100 acts of unique kindness to the planet and will have (via DAO Treasury) donated funds to that particular charity. Doing good for the planet IRL with NFT!

Benefits for Nouns

  • All Nouners get a free additional NFT for their Noun that has IRL impact for good - showing fully transparent what actions on the ground they enabled.
  • The Nouns project gets overall PR and marketing from the hundreds of affiliated nonprofits on social media. They will share and mention this project loudly on social media and on other media (newsletters, webpages, magazines etc)
  • You get tax certificates from the charities of their NFT for tax deduction. (tbc - we need to check how the money flows between all entities first in this particular project with you)
  • Nouners will have made a big impact IRL with 36,500 acts of kindness for the planet, represented in your Nouners NFTs.
  • We prove to the world that NFT can be a real force for good!

About Us
WeTryBetter is a marketplace of verified acts of kindness. We convert the countless good deeds of volunteers and nonprofits into our ‘mosaics of good’ as NFTs, which we call Jerry. The net proceeds of NFTs go to these charities as donations. We focus on climate change and other planet crises. Our vision is a world of decentralized giving for full transparency, zero admin fees and direct impact IRL.



  • April: Proof-of-Concept create 3 x NFTs with three charities (Nouns Prop House) that your DAO randomly assigns to three Nouners
  • May 2022: collecting acts of kindness images from nonprofits
  • June: verification, curation and creation of NFTs
  • July: minting and launch

Proof of Concept budget:

  • 1.5 ETH for development, operations, verification and curation
  • 1.5 ETH is given to the 3 charities for their volunteer’s acts of kindness (0.5 ETH each)

Full Project Budget:

  • Setup: 10 ETH for setup, upfront costs and curation (tbc)
  • Each of the 365 NFTs will be minted for ETH 0.283 (~$1,000) for a total of 103.3 ETH. Of that amount 90% is going to the wallets of the charities that did the acts of kindness, and the remaining 10% to WeTryBetter to cover platform and processing partners/suppliers.


Case Study with HELP UP in South Africa

HelpUP is a cleanup initiative in Cape Town, South Africa. We verified their bona fide first and then they sent us 100 images of recent cleanups in the local streets. We created a Jerry mosaic of good deeds from these images, minted it as NFT and sold it on OpeanSea to a Californian donor. link

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