Community Support for independent NFT artist which in return will donate to foundations and charities

I’m Patrick from Philippines but currently residing in Singapore, I am a struggling NFT artist and creator and im currently working in the construction industry. I have created my own NFT collection; Socially Awkward & Subtly Stressed Individuals (SASSI) NFT. My designs are based on my experiences and characters when i was growing up in the 90’s. My NFT collection are colorful and quirky, and they are all done one by one with the use of Autocad 2D which is an unconventional and unique way to do art as Autocad 2D is mainly used in doing Construction details and shopdrawings. and 10% of all earnings from my current collection will be donated to Children’s Cancer Foundation Singapore. I wanted to help this foundation as i have seen first hand how much this foundation helps families which has kids diagnosed with cancer as my daughter was also diagnosed with WHO grade IV Medulloblastoma ( A form of cancer in the lower region of the brain.) I am now here, not to ask for funds but for community support and partnership with the awesome NounsDAO community so i can grow my community and also grow my collection,I am also willing to give a percentage of the earnings to the NounsDAO treasury to give back for your support. As currently i cant scale my NFT collection to be bigger as i still need to work in my day job. I want to do NFT art fulltime but i need your support so i can garner enough funds to grow my NFT collection and also grow the reach of the donations and support to other foundations and charities. I am very transparent and if you have any queries and need proof and supporting documents to support my claims i am willing to provide anything. Just reach out to me in any of my Social media accounts below. Please visit my opensea account and show your support by purchasing any of the NFT’s i have created.



Instagram: SASSI (@sassi_nft) • Instagram photos and videos

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @SASS_1NFTS

TikTok: SASSI_NFT (@sass_1nft) | TikTok

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Hi Patrick I see that you made a great point. I’m sure that Nounsers will support your collection. I hope you can get the recognition you want as an artist. Best wishes

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Thank you, i do hope i get noticed by the nouners😊

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