WORLDWIDE LO-Fi NOGGLES Everey where! reorder

As mentioned in the Discord discussion, we’re confident to distro 3000.

Nouns Running Club

For our special event runs, we have 200 people registered for our EthCC event already. And we’re planning to collaborate with PizzaDAO to do a special event with them as well.

We still have the following to come:

  • EthGlobal NYC
  • EthCon Korea
  • Ethereum Singapore
  • DevConnect Istanbul

We have 8 cities doing weekly runs with new people coming all the time. We aim to start at least 3 new cities in the next few months. However, I am optimistically aiming for 10 more cities.

3000 is going to be VERY much on the low end. We’ll likely run out by the end of the year.

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I honestly think that every conference anywhere in the world would have a group going for a run in the morning before the event. If it has a nounish vice that would be an extra bonus. I think that @adrianmcli tapped into something universal with his idea

UPDATED PROP any last minute questions welcome

with some data we pulled from the NOUNWORKS linktree you can tell by the stats that the paper noggles work and we are improving the experience by adding some more directions to get info
here is the new backer card for the glasses 4 to collect,

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It’s a very interesting plan and activity. we’re a small team in Thailand raising awareness of Nouns in this country. If we need 1,000 Lo-Fi Noggles for an event or 3,000 Lo-Fi Noggles for help to distribution to Nounish around SEA, what should we’ve to do or any contact/register form we’ve to do :slightly_smiling_face::blush:🩷

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There are quite a few communities working in asia and perhaps there can be some organized effort to coordinate local distribution. Happy to assist and look forward to seeing what you are building

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Excite & glad to hear that. We’ll do my best :blush:

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Production has begun =) thank you for the support


SHIPPING to multiple builders at 18 different locations around the world

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Some of the 18 shipments that went out all over the world, Japan Australia, Singapore, Africa, Germany, canada, US Brazil Mexico and more 25,000 pcs total which makes it over 50,000 unique physical items shipped all over the world to support builders and onboard new people in a fun and informative manner as well as capturing many moments on social media.

Thanks to everyone for your support I look forward to seeing all the activations