Typical token discussion (Goo from paradigm - APE staking)


Pretty boring topic about tokenomics. here ( GOO (Gradual Ownership Optimization) - Paradigm ) is the model from paradigm about how to “disincentivize divergence” in a given NFT community. It looks like that would be the opposite to the staking model announced by Yogalabs. I just don’t know how the APE staking will not end up as a ponzi scheme. Then of course there is a third option of a stable coin.

Would be curious to hear more thoughts!

P.S.: I don’t have any voting power


I’m pretty bearish on Yuga in general. The more that I see, the more I’m convinced of the decentralized future of this space.

What do you think the token conversation has to do with Nouns DAO?

well if nouns would go for a token, which model would make sense? GOO model or staking or stable?

With a token, nouns would create an insane amount of paper money but would have a hard time maintaining it’s value or would shift the focus of the project to maintain this value. Yet the dao would create an insane amount of paper money/instant value.

Another question that I am not qualified to answer: When should the token be teased/created? When the daily bids go below 40ETH? When the daily bids go over 200ETH? When Ethereum takes over Bitcoin? When there will be 5000 nouns? (maybe a variation of those criteria’s)

What possible justification would there be to create a token? I can’t see how it would create any value for anyone. It just transfers the real value that’s already here into something less certain. It just seems like a gimmick, even for Yuga.

ETH is very liquid in itself and it’s easily transferrable. It also has low friction which should be even lower after the merge. It can be volatile, but that’s more of a learning curve on the people making proposals than anything. I can’t see any reason Nouns would consider an internal currency.

The only way I could see it being useful would be to utilize it as a way to reward community holders for their work, but I think Nouns already has a decent solution for this with NSFW and other things they’ve done within Nouncil and the huge 100 ETH community coordinape that just wrapped up. Those things are potentially less efficient than a token, but I think they are infinitely more useful and rewarding in the end.

Maybe there’s something that I’m missing. I’d love to hear it if you have an idea for why this would be good for the community.

The only thing I can think of is if Nouns created their own metaverse or grid within another MV. Tokens could be used for in world commerce.

Nice replies. How Yuga did it was certainly a gimmick. I also think the nouncil works great for distributing value. Wouldn’t it be cool that once Nouns are “bigger than Disney”, nouns dao would issue a stable coin?

There is a lot of revenue streams to build before getting there, but I still think its a cool idea. And using Nouns stable coin might be just social signaling by then, like I prefer the nouns dao to Maker dao.