Exploring new mechanics and frameworks with subDAOs?

Since there are no official papers regarding the subject, this is both a question and a discussion I’d like to open:

How receptive are Nouns, specially veterans, to the idea of integrating subDAOs that branch out from the usual norm using new frameworks like moloch or aragon (with a properly audited code ofc) or even implementing new tokenomics, maybe launching it’s own token or having it’s own revenue system, distinct from the traditional auction model used by nouns.

Are we open, for example to the idea of rebranding a DAO that’s been previously built or is currently being built using another framework and integrate it inside our ecossystem as a nouns subDAO that spreads the meme, gives back a portion of the treasury and benefits the cause just as much?

I personally think that nouns stands for something bigger than what it’s original code designed it to be. Eventually we will have to take a step or two towards building an ecossystem more focused on revenue and long term sustainability and using new and upcoming technology is the best way to achieve that. Relying solely on the nouns framework imposes quite a few limitations to the brand, the full potential it could reach and the benefits it could bring to society as a whole.


Great idea. Limiting yourself to a bidding model of 1 “noun-like” nft token is silly. All subDAOs so far are building this way. Just because noun-like has succeeded, doesn’t mean its subDAOs based on the same framework will succeed.

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I think this is an important discussion to have mainly because the average person doesn’t have the means to have financial exposure directly to Nouns (not talking subdaos). Yes a person can join a subdao as a token holder, but some or all of the principles of those subdaos might not appeal to them.

Lil Nouns is a good example of a subdao that feels like a direct connection to the Nouns ecosystem. We already did see some props pass that were born from LN like prop lot. I think more of this should be happening.

What types of mechanics, specifically, do you think would be a good retrofit for Nouns to incorporate from a subdao?


Interesting question!
It could be possible and even a good idea but I confess I haven’t really thought of implementing new mechanics inside the main DAO itself.
I think the auction model actually works great as a main GOVERNANCE model as long as we keep pushing boundries, adding value and expanding.

See, this is a main issue with subDAOs because as much as they keep evolving they won’t be able to keep up with the inevitable devaluation that could be triggered by such an auction model.
Imo, subDAOs must not be focused entirely on governance or being direct copies of the main DAO, they could thrive once like Lil Nouns exceptionally did, twice or even three times but eventually the model will wear out.
SubDAOs must instead be focused on implementation, revenue and long term sustainability instead of relying on props to do that, this is the best way to keep the project alive for decades on end and guarantee the success of the main DAO.

With that being said, there are at least two mechanics that I think should be implemented inside subDAOs:
Tokenization - Allow subDAOs to create and manage their own token according to criteria defined by Nouns.
Complex automation mechanics - The current Nouns framework does not allow for complex automation the way that Tribute for example does and this is such a welcome feature if you want to create a serious business model that could act inside the physical world, having partners, shares and full comunity engagement.

How do I know that? because I have been working for a few months on a concept that aims to bring Nouns to the physical in the most effective way imaginable, although it still was possible with the current tech we are using, other frameworks proved much more effective and easier to manage.

When it comes to NounsDAO there are indeed some very basic mechanics that I could suggest to be implemented but they are mostly front-end and don’t relate directly to the framework itself, for example:
Mechanics to encourage one-on-one interactions between participants without relying so much on discord servers.
One option would be improving the talents tab under the nouns center, making it interactive with the option to toggle availability. Another would be to improve the entire UI of the nouns center in the style of a giant family-tree, or something along those lines.
Turn small grants into formal requests instead of informal ones, since most discourse interactions despite being helpful end up leading to nowhere.
Have a recap system to rescue old props that look promising but should be modified, could use a button for that instead of the useless “abstain” button.
Comments under props, this one is pretty self explanatory.

It really depends on the objective. imo the concept of sub-dao’s is pretty under-developed unless you are looking at delegation or permissioning of some primary responsibility of the broader DAO. What primary responsibility is nouns looking to delegate?
That said, DAO to DAO is not much different and makes a lot of sense… could see some simple conceptual research about the integration of nouns with the other DAO frameworks could be helpful