Supporting impact this Giving Season through and the Universal impact pool (UIP)

Hi Nouns!

I’m Vishal Kapadia, growth and dev relations at - crypto’s community foundation and increasingly (with account abstraction, deployment on layer 2s and wide asset acceptance) the internet’s community foundation!

I’ve been speaking to a few Nouns about the possibility of garnering support for an impact pool (a pool of capital that matches existing donations) or a community fund (which can donate to preselected charities) through Nouns on

The Universal Impact pool (UIP) is a special vehicle which uses quadratic funding matching to match existing donations on the platform each quarter in a democratic way ( We launched this earlier in the year with Allo and Gitcoin and garnered 200k of support which is already being granted out to charities.

As we move into giving season - we are looking for support from Nouns DAO to top up this pool and incentivise more people to donate and get matched. We recently had a small gathering with charities benefitting from UIP matching and they absolutely love that they can see donations coming from this onchain enabled process - and we think it could be a great fit for a partnership with Nouns DAO going into the end of year giving season where 60% of donations happen in around 6-8 weeks.

I’d love to discuss this and other partnership possibilities here - or 1:1 - please get in touch and consider helping us move this to an official proposal to garner more support and start the giving season off with a bang!

All the best,
Vishal from Endaoment

@vishkap1 on telegram

here our discord


Seconding this!

Would be amazing to have the NounsDAO’s support in funding the UIP.

Any grant would be distributed over the course of a year, to hundreds of nonprofits as decided by the broader public through activity on Endaoment!

Next quarter, the UIP is already scheduled to give ~30k to over 140 Orgs! A contribution from NounsDAO would help more orgs get more money from the UIP.

Very cool! Much support!

UIP Snapshot at time of posting: