NounsDAO x DoinGudDAO - Nounish Social Impact

hi NounsDAO ,

We would like the NounsDAO community to join the DoinGudDAO and make a commitment to the future of social impact powered by nounish creativity!

DoinGud, a Decentralized Impact protocol, and soon-to-be DAO enables anyone to easily create transparent and measurable impact for their favorite cause. Participants can collaborate in funding, governance, impact validation, and getting rewarded in the protocol. The protocol will be open for any other platform, marketplace, or protocol, or project to plug into. As we launch our DAO we want to unite mission-aligned DAOs to join us as founding DAO members, together we can all reach our true potential.

For more details see attached deck:
DoinGudDAO Membership

At DoinGud, our purpose is to keep building Until Every Expression of Creativity Builds a Better World. We are rooted in values of Giving, Impact, Decentralization, Open Source, and Transparency. This has driven us to build an NFT Marketplace for social good where every transaction streams proceeds to social causes with over $380k in sales volume and $90k in donations so far from the beta phase. We also have over 60 social causes fully vetted and onboarded to the platform to receive the donations transparently on chain, with hundreds more in the pipeline.

However, the marketplace is just the beginning. Next, we are going open source and launching our protocol. With the protocol, we are building the infrastructure for Decentralized Impact, enabling anyone to participate in the decentralized funding, governance, and validation of impact.

The launch of the protocol will also come with the genesis of the DoinGudDAO
To initiate the DoinGudDAO, we are launching a membership program, both at the community and individual level.

For the community memberships, DoinGudDAO looks to share value through:

  • Collaboration on future events (priority sponsorship tiers at a discount). We at DoinGud are the team behind ETHBarcelona {link} and are building a reputation for hosting great events and providing excellent branding and content around these events.

  • Amplified exposure as a community for good (recognition on website and social media). We will also share resources and create more awareness about what NounsDAO is building to be amplified across our DoinGud socials.

  • A dedicated number of seats in the DoinGudDAO

  • A sizable discount and allow list access for all of the NounsDAO community members to the DoinGud individual “Gud Souls” membership NFT sale upcoming {Further details here}

Top 3 represented communities in the DoinGudDAO (based on the value of memberships purchased), receive dedicated video content from the DoinGud team.

Why NounsDAO?

We want to contribute to the Nouns virtuous cycle, helping to proliferate Nouns onto the world via social impact. The real-world good derived from this collaboration will do a lot to change the perception of web3 while further positioning the NounsDAO community as a leader in the space.

Next Steps
Pending this temp check, sponsorship, and a final proposal, additional next steps would be:

  1. Elect Community Membership Tier (supply limited, first come- first serve)
  2. Sign Community Membership Agreement
  3. Send funds (address to be provided in the agreement link)
  4. Send Ethereum wallet addresses to be included on the Allow List “Gud Soul” Membership NFT Sale by September 16th
  5. Send the Ethereum wallet addresses of your representatives that will occupy the seats of the DoinGudDAO by September 16th

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about our proposal.
We hope the Nouns community will join us on this mission!