Small Grants: Polished 3D art of all Nouns

Goal: To bring the 3d art Web3 community into Nouns space.

About myself:
Hi, I’m McP (Michal Prekop), a graphic designer with more than 18 years of experience working with design studios and clients from Europe and New York City.
As a creator and founder in the Web3 space focused on 3d art, I came across Nouns and I fell in love with the collection. As such, I started creating polished 3d renders for the awesome Noun community.
Please refer here for my Web3 collections and projects:

How will it proliferate Nouns?
It can bring 3d lovers of the Web3 space into the Nouns community.

Most of my community members and followers didn’t know about Nouns prior to now but now they enjoy both the 3d renders I’m creating and the original 2d version.

My plan is to make ALL 500+ Nouns as very polished 3d art renders. It is huge task for one creator, but I know I can make it happen, because I already did it in past! I made 2442 3d SkitRobots, each one by one.

I love creating 3d renders and sharing it with the Web3 community and I believe that with what I have in mind, we can share Nouns and my love of 3d art across the Web3 community.

Budget breakdown:
7 ETH - I am asking for 7eth in total.
This price can cover few months of my manual work on polished renders.

My process:

  • 3d models from scratch in Rhinoceros 3D.
  • Scene setup in Cinema 4D
  • Final render in V-Ray

Preview of renders I already made:


Making these Nouns is so fun :slight_smile: I really enjoy this design process.

Noun #509

@noun22 check pls my proposal, thank you very much

love the passion for the nouns community McP !

As someone who has previously gotten commissioned renders done, I’m not currently noticing a demand for them (under my radar) - possibly best to do poll or a survey to see how many holders would prefer getting theirs rendered (with cost).

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Thank you for your reply. Where can I see your renders?
I will keep going, because I enjoy this design process and I hope it will be rewarded somehow one day :slight_smile:

Have you thought about bringing in the SVGs and extruding them to help streamline the process?

This would be completely different and worse result imho :slight_smile: I can’t imagine how you want create for example nice 3d fox from flat 2d svg :slight_smile: It needs to be adjusted manually and made with care to look nice from this specific angle in 3d.

I did my collection all manually, 2442 without any automation or random traits combination. Only this way I am able to keep quality high.