Small Grants: 3D nounish voxel characters

I propose to create 3D Nouns characters inspired by The Meebits project, as well as interiors and exteriors for them in Nouns style

As part of this project, I plan to create a complete collection of Nouns in 3D with different clothes

Since everyone has different views on clothes and the style of the character himself, I propose to create a discord channel for this project, in which the reaction method will determine whether each character is liked in the current version, or whether it needs to be improved, similarly with interiors and exteriors for them
That is, I would like to have constant feedback from the community

These characters will also be animated for later use in The SandBox Game, the characters will not be for sale, if a person owns Nouns, he will receive a 3D version of his character in formats (.vox

  • MagicaVoxel, .vrx - The SandBox Game, .glb and .fbx, .obj - Mixamo)

Working process:
an average of 5 characters will be published every day, character owners get access to the files

Together with the publication of characters, interiors and exteriors will be periodically published, such as:
several types of cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, exhibition galleries, houses, hotels, yachts in general, everything that will be used in the game in the future

As funding, I ask for 2 ETH, this amount will be enough until the start of the development of the game itself

You may have already seen our work from the discord, we publish them in the PropHouse, General channels and on the PropHouse discord server

Vladislav and Anna, Discord: annetka#4315

Nouns Cafe

Nouns Swimming Pool

NounPunk NightClub - (in developing)

3D nounish voxel characters

Animation example, alpha version

An example of using the .fbx, .glb format in AR

An important clarification, the characters will be supplied in two versions:
cassic version of Nouns glasses, author’s version of Nouns 3D glasses


looks cool - what are the use of proceeds from the 2 ETH funding you are requesting? what is the timeline for the game to be released?

when you say you’d like ‘constant feedback’ for design decisions + a dedicated discord channel, what do you envision that looking like? we don’t typically do that but maybe if we did a smaller trial first we could work towards a larger proposal

Hello, 2 ETH covers the creation of the entire collection of characters, as well as several interiors and exteriors, when I say several, it is about 40-50 objects such as bars, restaurants, cafes, houses, etc.

By time:
If we publish 5 characters per day, for a total of ~150 characters per month of work, it will take us about 60 days to make the entire collection of characters.

In parallel with the fact that while the characters are being published, we are creating interiors and exteriors, they are absolutely necessary to start developing the game

2 ETH does not cover the cost of the game itself, these funds contribute to the creation of a complete collection and items for the game itself

To implement the game of characters, it is necessary to animate, for this it is enough to create one high-quality template in VoxEdit, the alpha version is already available

Regarding feedback, we need one discord channel where people just put two reactions (thumbs up, thumbs down) under each character render (if there are more negative reactions than positive characters need to be improved, this is mainly about clothing style character, because everyone has different tastes, but I’m ready to take into account the opinion of each owner)

the development of the game itself can be funded separately, but it is best to lead the development of the game with a huge base behind it in the form of a complete collection of animated characters and objects for this game

we will not be able to create a separate discord channel for this purpose. is this a dealbreaker?

would you be willing to do 1 ETH to start for 50% of the work and then another ETH after the first half of the items have been completed? after half are done, we can decide if we want to fund the rest of the project

NounPunk - NightClub

Scene - Version 1

Noun 47

Noun 2

Noun 5

Noun 15

Noun 33

Noun 139