Small Grants: Onboarding the Next Billion with Nouns ⌐◨-◨ 🌱

What is the project

Hi there! My name’s Marcus and I’m currently a Fellow at the Ethereum Foundation. The Fellowship Program is focused on bridging the gap between underrepresented communities and the rest of the world, and identifying and supporting individuals who are working to enable Ethereum’s relevance and break down barriers to entry for these communities (read more here). Over the course of the last few months, my research has been focused on leveraging web3 technology to empower disenfranchised communities in emerging economies, with the goal of promoting greater equality and opportunity for all. To date, I’ve had over 350 conversations with leaders across the industry that are developing web3-native solutions, crypto projects that are deploying real world impact and last-mile communities in my home-country of Guatemala. With the research, I am developing I will publish an open source report that provides a comprehensive overview of my research findings, and will be an important tool for promoting awareness and understanding of the potential for web3 to make a positive impact on the world. The report will include detailed analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing underrepresented communities in emerging economies, as well as a discussion of the potential for web3 technology to address these challenges and provide new opportunities for growth and development. You can learn more about my research here and here is an example of the open source conversation we have been having on social media and beyond.

I am passionate about the potential for web3 to make a positive impact on the world, and I believe that the research I have been conducting as a Fellow at the Ethereum Foundation has the potential to make a significant contribution to educating and expanding crypto’s impact, particularly in emerging economies. With the Small Grant I would do two things: First, I will produce a video/podcast series that will be speaking to the report that I am working on with the EF regarding the question of how we leverage crypto to empower the next billion. The podcast series would be both with thought-leaders across web3 and beyond as well as those who are currently deploying solutions on-the-ground that leverage crypto - where we will be exploring the themes of: education, culture, scalability, regulation, identity, reputation, public goods, among other exciting subjects. The second output would be a Nouns-specific written report where I will be diving into the key intervention points that apply to the Nouns community when it comes to onboarding the next billion. This report would be published after hosting conversations with key leaders, builders, and grantees of the Nouns community as well as the sub-DAOs (including Lil Nouns, Public Nouns, SharkDAO, GnarsDAO, and others). Given the Nouns’ focus on supporting public goods, the intention with this report will be to support the Nouns community in understanding where the ecosystem can play a greater role in supporting initiatives around the world that are focused on empowering communities around the world. By bringing together experts and insights from across the web3 ecosystem, we can help to demystify and democratize this technology, and pave the way for more people to participate and benefit from it!

January - Finalize the write-up of the wider report and begin conducting the video interviews with ~10 thought-leaders and builders in the space. Report will undergo review process with early backers and copy-writing experts. Begin interview process with the Nouns community (and its sub-DAOs), compile the content into the written report.
February - Continue editing written portion of the reports. Finalize the interviews and begin editing process of the interviews.
March: At ETHDenver, I will be officially launching the report both digitally and physically. This will include both the digital version of the report alongside the interviews.

How it will proliferate Nouns

A Nouns-specific report into the interventions within the Nouns community (and its sub-DAOs) that will promote more equitable future for all through the power of web3 through Nouns. The Nouns community would have early access and preview of the initial drafts of the wider report prior to launch and provide key feedback on the report. The Nouns logo and gratitude on the final version of the written report and at the end of each episode in the video series. The Nouns logo and gratitude on the announcement and launch of the report both online and in-person at ETHDenver. Both of these would give the Nouns community massive exposure throughout the Ethereum community and beyond!

How much upfront funding you want, if the projects completed the committee will decide on if/how much retro funds are given

I would be grateful for the support of the Nouns community of 6.9 ETH.

This report will be of great interest to a wide range of stakeholders, including policymakers, builders, researchers, and industry leaders around the world. However, producing a high-quality written and audio-visual report requires significant resources, and I would love to count on your support to ensure that it is produced to the highest possible standards. I would be grateful if Nouns would consider sponsoring this project. Your support would not only help to ensure the success of the report, but would also help to advance the cause of web3 technology as a force for good in the world. I believe that this report has the potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people around the world with the power of Nouns.

Below is a breakdown of the time committed into the research to make the report possible with a total amount of time for this research was 420 hours.

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 11.22.21

I would be more than happy to discuss the various ways the Nouns community could benefit from sponsoring this report. Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss this exciting project with you further, and to work together to promote the potential of web3 technology to make a positive impact on the world with Nonus.

If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to me directly on Telegram, Twitter, email, or book in a call! :earth_africa:

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Wishing you the best of luck Marcus! I think this is a great opportunity for nouns to proliferate and fund high value research. I’d personally really enjoy listening to the podcast you’ll be producing if you get funded

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Thanks Al, look forward to getting others’ thoughts!