Small Grants: [ Nounsverse ] - Metaverse Game for Nouns DAO


Video games and online multiplayer games have been the favorite hobbies of many people all over the world. They continue to be the preferred method of entertainment for gamers with highly immersive graphics and gaming experiences. Now, the metaverse is taking online games to a different level by allowing players to participate in the game through virtual 3D environments

WTF is Nounsverse?

Nounsverse is a 3D virtual world where you become the Nouns virtual avatar you expect and do many real-life things in different spaces like virtual exhibitions, singing and dancing, shopping, events and handling business. You can also use the Nouns NFTs Avatar to make your own content and profit from your creation.

Main Concept:

Nounsverse is a PC/Mobile game inspired by Decentraland. The Decentraland metaverse is the most clearly evident example of taking online games to the next level. It is a blockchain-based virtual world that allows players to build their own games, tools, marketplaces, and content. In 2021, Decentraland experienced explosive growth in the number of users by 3,300%, alongside garnering headlines for virtual real estate auctions.


Nouns DAO have compact and quite numerous member interactions.
But all members need entertainment for their day so they don’t get bored.
Video games are the only solution for members to have fun and make new friends
Your boring can be replaced if you play video games, even someone can play video games for 8 hours a day.


Nounsverse is a Metaverse-based Video game where you act as an Avatar in the same game as you do activities in the real life world such as playing, partying, dancing, meeting with distant friends, getting to know strangers, chatting in the park only with video games.
In this world also you can drive, create houses, create unique things and much more.
Our mission is to create a more vibrant and social Nouns DAO ecosystem in a game.

Advantages of Metaverse

  • Connectivity:
    One of the main benefits of Metaverse is the level of connectivity it provides. Users from all over the world can come together and interact with each other in ways that were previously impossible. This can enable new communities, friendships, and even business partnerships to form.

  • Freedom of expression:
    Metaverse also provides a level of freedom of expression not found in the physical world. Users can create and discover their own identities; and this can be liberating for many people who feel constrained by the limitations of the physical world.

  • Economic opportunities:
    Metaverse can also create new economic opportunities for users. In virtual worlds like Decentraland, users can buy and sell virtual real estate, create and sell virtual goods, and even offer virtual services such as consulting or tutoring. ( All proceeds will give to the Nouns DAO Treasury )


• Battling/PVP – Fight NPCs or real players to earn rewards
• Buy/Sell Assets – The land will be selling and the proceeds will give to the Nouns DAO treasury ( except for the sale of user lands )
• Mini Games – Puzzles, Player missions, Quiz, etc.
• Achievement/Questing – Collect badges/POAPs for achieving certain milestones

examples of 3d Nouns character concepts

Value for Nouns DAO

There are many ways Nounsverse brings value back to Nouns DAO.

  1. Exclusivity - Although the game will be free to play by anyone, owning a Nouns will let you play with your specific Nouns if you own one, unlocking additional in-game features as well. This makes owning a Nouns more desirable from a social aspect.
  • Each specific Nouns will have its level/progress preserved (even if traded or transferred between people). This means each Nouns can individually become more valuable if someone has spent a lot of time progressing it.
  1. Play to Earn - This is a tricky one that must be carefully crafted and thoroughly thought out. Game tokenomics can be constructed in many ways — here are a few non-specific and general ideas. They may be tweaked, combined together, or abstracted away as needed:
  • Players can earn an ERC20 for playing and progressing in game. The ERC20 can be spent within game to purchase items/features. A small % of each transaction can be reallocated back to the Nouns DAO treasury.

  • The ERC20 can be staked and a small % from staking rewards can be reallocated back to the Nouns DAO treasury.

  • Players that voluntarily donate to the Nouns DAO treasury can unlock exclusive in-game items.

  1. Shop on Marketplaces - In the game there is a marketplace which sells goods such as house materials, stuff, buildings, accessories or clothing, and many more ( all sales proceeds will give to the Nouns DAO Treasury )

  2. And there are many more concept ideas for this game that will be explained soon, we also want Nouns DAO members/community to provide ideas for the progress of this game

    for example, cities that have buildings such as player houses, museums, government buildings, etc.

How will users earn?
Of course users will get rewards when playing like:

• Do daily missions
• Play minigames
• Play PVP
• Performing assistance from other users
• working in games
• event prizes


  1. Melz - 3D Artist, Software engineer, Web developer with UI/UX Experience
  2. Aldie - Software engineer, Unity Developer, with 4+ years of fullstack blockchain developer
  3. ( Maybe we need 1 more person for Game developer/ Unity Developer ) *especially it is open to members of Nouns DAO

What we need?

As you all know that making video games requires a lot of funds for developers, we need at least 19,5 ETH (or round up to 20 ETH) for initial development and future operations.

Grants Cost - Sheets

  1. Complete the game to make it ready for players
  2. Integrate web3 into the game
  3. Implement API for players to be able to manage their assets and services in the game
  4. Create in-game assets for the game, to make game more attractive for players
  5. Application marketing such as events, advertising, etc.
  6. other development needs such as Hosting, Cloud, Game Server, etc.

Timeline & Success metrics

  1. Make a Roadmap
  2. Game Development
  3. Testnet beta
  4. Mainnet Launch

This grant will support the entire Nounsverse development process, and development will take approximately 1 to 3 months after funding is received.


This is a proof-of-concept project, all proceeds from the sale of assets in this game will be given to the Nouns DAO Treasury.

Sorry if I can’t provide many links so that the proposal can be clearer because my account is limited for that

I’d love to discuss with Nouns DAO members in the comments, and if you have any ideas to add I’d welcome them.