Request for Friendship: Nouns VTuber

Howdy Nouners!

Morph here, I’m a 3D VTubing metaverse robot decked out in nouns digital fashion made by MetaEarthJapan!

I stream metaverse poker every Thursday at 5PM PST - we often talk about the general metaverse, and a lot of avatar interoperability content, such as the recent 3D Nouns .VRMs by Vipe!

It’s been a pleasure to rock the Nouns logo in VRChat & the open metaverse, it often sparks conversations about how NounsDAO has funded and improved the lives of so many creators - which has significantly helped with the perception of NFTs & the open metaverse in VRChat - so thank you!

No grants needed here - just wanted to extend a stream invite to the nouns general community. If anyone is interested in learning about .VRM or metaverse avatar traversal, I’m happy to answer any questions!

You can find me at: