[Proposal] Roblox Game – Collect the Nouns (Draft)


A Roblox game for kids to discover and collect 3d Noun avatars. Think Pokemon but with a simple parkour gameplay for kids to learn about the Nouns.

Demo Video

We have already built a short demo to explain what we have in mind. Here is the demo video.
Bear in mind that this is just to give an idea and that the final game will be way better in quality.

Demo Pics

A few screenshots from the demo video to give an idea and a bit of colours.


We propose to start with a very simple gameplay. Players will have one level to complete per Noun they want to free. This will be a mix of treasure hunt and parkour .

Opiniated Note: Parkour might be the most popular kind of Roblox game.

In each level the player will collect keys (glasses?) to unlock doors, boxes and ultimately free the Noun avatar. Each level will be uniquely decorated to represent the universe of the Noun to free.

Why this is awesome

Roblox is a platform built for Kids. It has more than 50 million Daily Active Users (DAUs).
We have a unique opportunity to reach the next generation and teach them the right values.

The Nouns could become the new Pokemon. Having a strong positive presence for Kids will also impact their parents.

Note: Building a game in Roblox could then open the door to building a more advanced game on Unreal/Unity. It’s a great proof of concept.


We work in short iterations.

Delivery Date Deliverable
MVP Nov 2022 Game with 10 Nouns to collect
v1 Feb 2023 Game with 200 Nouns to collect
v2 Apr 2023 Game with 400 Nouns to collect


We’re a team of 3 full time game developers

  • DaNft - game developer
  • Lilo - hyper talented 3d artists
  • Kong - community manager/marketer

We’ve built some games before and we will publish the demo from the video very soon so anyone could go play before deciding. We also have 3 3d artists who will work on the game.


80 ETH ($100k) for the MVP (game published on Roblox with 10 Nouns to free).

Note: We are open to receiving a % of the payment at delivery.

We would love the gameplay for the future versions to be decided by the community.

Please share any feedback!

Thank you!

This looks awesome! Do you have any examples of what the reach is for games like this? It would really help to contextualize the ROI on something like this. I think the impact/reach could be huge but it would be nice to compare

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Thanks for the feedback! Below is a quick table of comparable experiences. (source is Roblox)

Game Visits Creation Date
Sonic 543.5M+ Sep 2022
Nike 21.3M+ Dec 2021
Spotify 13.8M+ Sep 2021
Vans 80.8M+ Apr 2021

Note: The brands behind these experiences already had a lot of followers. We could still expect a very good reach for the Nouns. (100k+ visits minimum within the first couple of months)

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I love this idea. Could you lay out some potential milestones for expected reach over 1, 3, 6 months?

Why do you think the parkour experiences are so attractive?

Also is there a plan to do some gorilla/traditional marketing to build hype before the game is released?

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WTF!! I have been thinking how I can create Web3-Roblox! But this idea is making game on Roblox? Any idea to make game engine like Roblox? Well, such a beautiful Demo pics! Let’s chat!

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Sure. I will add a more detailed split of the use of funds and a GTM to the initial post soon.

20-25 ETH of the 80 ETH would be used to market the game.
We will be featured on the Roblox marketplace but we’ll also need traditional marketing.


Regarding the reach milestones, as always this depends on many factors (marketing, success of the game…) but the target is:

  • 1m → 25k+ visits
  • 3m → 300k+ visits
  • 6m → 1m+ visits

Note: for complete transparency, Roblox Visits are not unique visitors.

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