Build A Metaverse space For Nouns

Energize Nouns and bring longer life cycles and commercial value through the construction of the Nouns metaverse space:

The NFT of Nouns in traditional social media can only be used as an avatar and has no other special rights. In the space provided by Metabell, users holding Nouns NFT will enjoy special rights and interests, such as the right to enter special scenes, the additional benefits of themed activities, and even the business value derived from the cooperative brands of Nouns.

Different from traditional social apps, 3D space adds cohesion to the communication and interaction of community members: the communication in the space will be managed by the community. There is no need to worry about the management and rules of the traditional platform, so as to achieve social Web3.

At the same time, communication in 3D space, especially the virtual avatar image created for Nouns, makes communication among community members more immersive.

Additional benefits: In addition to the value of NFT itself, the high-quality user activity of Nouns will also bring benefits to the whole project, and these benefits will feed back to the project side and the community, forming a virtuous circle. (Advertising expenses in the venue, transactions in the built-in NFT marketplace, etc.).

Team Intro:

MetaBell is a leading web-end metaverse service provider, focusing on providing convenient high-quality interactive virtual space services, and is also committed to promoting and enriching the ecological construction of metaverse.

For the Nouns community, MetaBell can provide a highly customized and more immersive metaverse space. While empowering Nouns, it will transform the social activities of the community from traditional media to a real community mode, realizing a leap from web2 to web3.

Costs and Execution Details:
Apply for 50 ETHs for the construction of Nouns Metaverse.

Costs and Execution Details:

  1. Function: Avatar modeling and animation:

Description: Avatar type and style selection, Avatar model production, PBR material production, animation setting, and action animation production (including three basic mobile animations: idle, walk and run).

Unit Price: 3

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 3

  1. Function: 3D model scene modeling

Description: We will make a three-dimensional scene space according to the design concept, which includes at least one large exhibition hall, where users can play videos and display project PPT, etc., and be customized according to the needs of the project.

Unit Price: 7 ETH

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 7 ETH

  1. Function: Design of 3D scene motion system

Description: Avatar controls the design of interaction mode and selects the Avatar movement mode in the 3D scene, such as 1. walking motion system (including walking, running, jumping, and standing), 2. flying motion system (based on physical flight mode), 3. driving motion system (based on physical driving vehicle movement mode) and other different movement modes.

Unit Price: 6 ETH

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 6 ETH

  1. Function: Text chat function

Description: Text chat on a public screen.

Unit Price: 6 ETH

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 6 ETH

  1. Function: Voice chat function

Description: Voice chat by turning on the microphone.

Unit Price: 6 ETH

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 6 ETH

  1. Function: Multi-person real-time online on the same screen

Description: It can accommodate at least 50 people online on the same screen and has an automatic room distribution mechanism, which can automatically distribute to different rooms according to the number of users to ensure a smooth experience of users in each room.

Unit Price: 10 ETH

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 10 ETH

  1. Function: Portal

Description: You can click the model or image in the space to jump to the project homepage link or a Twitter account, which can be customized.

Unit Price: 2 ETH

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 2 ETH

  1. Function: Support decentralized NFT on Multi-chain

Description: It supports Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Fantom, Cronos, and other cross-chain data.

Unit Price: 6 ETH

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 6 ETH

  1. Function: Decentralized wallet login

Description: Log in with Metamask and other wallets, or visit as a tourist.

Unit Price: 6 ETH

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 6 ETH

  1. Function: NFT Display

Description: Wallet users can show their NFT to other users in the space.

Unit Price: 10 ETH

Quantity: 1 Set

Amount of ETH: 10 ETH

  1. Server Fees

Description: Server and CDN service

Unit Price: 1 ETH

Quantity: 1 Year

Amount of ETH: 1 ETH

Total Cost: 63 ETH

Discount: 20%

Final Cost: 50 ETH

Customized value-added function list:

  1. Function: Gameplay Development

Description: Users can experience interactive gameplay such as consuming gold coins or playing football in the space.

Quantity: 1 Set

  1. Function: DID Voice Cha

Description: Ability to set full channel broadcasting for specific users.

Quantity: 1 Set

  1. Function: DID

Description: Users with different amounts of NFTs can have DIDs of corresponding levels in the space.

Quantity: 1 Set

  1. Function: Token Economy Development

Description: Wallet users can play games by consuming tokens or points in the space, and the surplus tokens can also be exchanged for NFTs or other virtual assets.

Quantity: 1 Set

  1. Function: VR/MR

Description: Customizable development of VR/MR version of the metaverse.

Quantity: 1 Set

  1. Function: AR

Description: 3D model or NFT can be projected into the real scene through the AR projection function.

Quantity: 1 Set

  1. Function: Android/IOS

Description: Customizable development of Android/iOS mobile phone APP version metaverse.

Quantity: 1 Set

Data display of previous cases of Mimic Shhans Metaverse:

The cumulative number of visits exceeds 200,000, and the monthly activity of a single SPACE is between 5000 and 10,000.

What activities can be held in this space to help build the Nouns community?

Metaverse-famous site activity: Guide users to get familiar with the Nouns community, place special logos in specific areas in the space, and after all the clock-in screenshots are completed, they can get whitelist or airdrop rewards.

Parkour Race: In the space, the user stands in the designated high-rise building as the inspection point, and the contestants run and jump through the inspection point. The winner is the first to reach the destination, and the whole process is recorded. Bonus: airdrop or whitelist.

Singing contest: (Requires voice support and likes function) The community organizers to act as hosts and judges, and community members give likes to users’ singing performances.

Nouns College: The space provides the theme area of Nouns College, which is regularly assigned to the core members of the community to share project updates, future plans, partner meetings, etc., to enhance community cohesion, or to invite experts to give online lectures.

In the future, the social communication of the project Nouns and relevant community members will be gradually transferred from the traditional platform to the exclusive metaverse space through the web-end metaverse scene.

At present, Metabell has collaborated with the NFT project Mimic Shhans to create a customized Mimic metaverse space.

At present, the Mimic Shhans officially announced the space address

( and has organized members of the Mimic Shhans community to participate, and the public’s feedback on the space is positive.

The following is the activity screenshot (mobile phone and computer) provided by Mimic Shhans community members. 150+ people were online at the same time, and there was no jam in voice or text communication:

Some other Space displays:

Expected results of the Nouns Metaverse:

Bring more active community members and more exposure to Nouns, and increase interaction and develop business empowerment for the Nouns.

The specific construction process of the metaverse space:

  1. Metaverse scene architecture

This scene adopts the B/S architecture and uses the Web browser as the entrance to the metaverse. The B/S system does not need to install software but only needs to be deployed on the server. The application server forwards the result set to the Web server, which sends an HTTP response to the browser, and finally imports the user data in the database into the metaverse scene and displays it in the browser.

  1. Using Next-Generation Modeling Technology to Construct Metaverse Scenes

DCC 3D paint software is used to build 3D scenes with virtual space. Common tools include Blender, 3DSMAx, MAYA, etc. The next-generation game engine is used to improve the picture effect so that Web users can also achieve PC movie quality. The technologies we use mainly include:

2.1 Model Technology

We use geometric polygon modeling to generate model data, and the whole production process is complex and strict. First of all, make the large contour and structural relationship of the object in Blender, generally low mode. Then, in Zbrush, a high-precision model is made by carving, and then the high model is topologically connected to the low model, and the detail texture is added through normal mapping, so that the low model can restore the effect of the high model to the maximum extent, reduce the performance overhead and improve the visual effect to the maximum extent.

2.2 Drawing Technology

With the improvement of model accuracy, the overall model will lead to resource consumption, thus reducing the running speed. In order to solve this problem, we used the mechanism of high mode topology and low mode, that is, baking normal maps to preserve the details of the model and subsequent upgrading. Compared with the traditional modeling technology, this technology is the most outstanding innovation of the next-generation technology, changing the traditional production process of the model. In addition to preserving the normal map of high mold details, color maps, metal maps, and rough maps are also added to display the material texture of the model under real-time rendering lighting conditions.

2.3 Art assets import

Import the prepared model into the game engine to build the metaverse scene, and the engine provides various tools required for building the metaverse scene. The process is controlled by program code, integrating the development and final operation of models, materials, lights, animation, special effects, physical systems, motion systems, collision detection, etc. In terms of engine selection, we use UE4 and Babylon as project development tools.

  1. Development of game engine

The project includes the client and server end. Players can display NFT, socialize and manage their own items.

The most common problem encountered in the development process is network latency. We enable all players to see the metaverse scene synchronously to meet the needs of social communication.

  1. Screen Rendering

We use WebGL (Web graphics library) technology to build a rendered metaverse scene. WebGL is a 3D rendering technology, which can provide hardware acceleration of HTML5 canvas by adding JS binding of OpenGLES2.0. We shall use the graphics card to render complex graphics in the browser.

The WebGL technical standard eliminates the trouble of developing plug-ins, realizes the lightweight display of 3D models on the Web side, and makes it possible for thousands of people to display on the same screen.

  1. Online Test

5.1 We use the methods of black box testing and white box testing to test the game before release.

Black box testing is actually what we usually call “functional testing”.

Testers mainly test whether the functions of the product can be realized, and they do not care about the internal structure of the product, but only inspect and evaluate the functions of the product. The white box test is also called the “transparent box test” or “structural test”. In the process of testing, the program is regarded as a “white box”, the internal structure of the program is transparent, and the software product is tested.

How will the Metaverse results be reported?

Through weekly meetings (ZOOM or direct contact and chat with community members in the space).

Emotional link with Nouns?

We will maintain a deep connection with the Nouns community and complete a highly customized space for Nouns, rather than traditional cooperation.

The future of this metaverse space?

The space we build for Nouns will have sustainable growth, and its development direction will be decided by the community.

Use Mimic Shhans, the NFT project partner we are currently working with as an example. MimicShhans hopes that we can create a space featured with SocialFi & GameFi, so we will pay more attention to the social interaction of members in the space.

What are the functions of this metaverse space?

General Introduction:

  1. Game competition, airdrop, and whitelist

  2. Token and points consumption and prize exchange

  3. NFT DID authentication display

  4. UGC of 3D model/NFT, user-defined exclusive NFT

  5. Personal homepage display: users’ social media accounts such as Twitter/Telegram

  6. Online live broadcast

  7. QR code sharing and network effect (with statistics)

In addition to the traditional space functions, we can create the functions that Nouns want according to the needs of the community and the amount of funds provided.

For example, AR function (users can display and share the scene and NFT in the space in the real life).

The function of loading props (the Nouns NFT held by the user can be exchanged in the space according to its rarity or enjoy the use of special loading props: horse riding, driving, transformation, and special effects).

Special identity authentication: Metabell will provide a special biometric authentication system in the future, which will grant special identification to users who pass the certificate, that is, to ensure that you are communicating with real human beings, rather than robots, which can effectively eliminate robots in activities.

Our team introduction:

Company: MetaBell

Member of The Metaverse Standards Forum

Member of The NVIDIA Accelerator

Member of iPolloverse Metaverse Technology

MetaBell Introduction:

MetaBell focuses on the infrastructure of the Web3 metaverse application layer and Web3 applications.

It is the earliest developer community of WebGL, with mature metaverse full stack development capability and rich Web3 application experience (self-developed 3D editor, VR, MR, and WebGPU engine), and also the earliest developer community participating in WebGPU in The Metaverse Standards Forum.

Our Core Business:

ToB: provide customized metaverse services for enterprise-level users (3D scenes, virtual human, Web-level MMORPG, NFT application scenarios, social functions, etc.);

ToB: Massive free metaverse templates and 3D editors are provided to enable users to participate in the construction of metaverse content without barriers;

Technical service cases:

Twitter: @MetaBellSpace

Metaverse will be important…perhaps…but it is not a large factor of proliferation now. Defining one teams version of metaverse as “Nouns Metaverse” is not great, the same way that “Nouns xxxxxx” (any brand item) is not great. There needs to be more creativity in naming and concepts. It limits other builders to name in this way.

The grasp of the tech seems apparent but I would have to default to other metaverse builders. In the last month, I have personally had at least 3 other conversations with top Metaverse building teams, all of whom want to build a version of a “Nouns Metaverse”. The layout of features and functions seems copy and pasted. There is only one nounish concept mentioned in the proposal, “Nouns College”, and it is redundant, not flushed out, or fun.

The cost seems low for a quality metaverse and promotion. That seems like part of the re-skin approach of this prop. I could be wrong and will default to other builders in this area.

Overall, the prop is not well done. The technicals aside, there should be a mock up or something nounish. The concept needs customization. The plan to involve the community is non-existent and vague. This feels like a funding round for a startup that is outside the ecosystem.

In the current form, this is a NO from CHEFFO.

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Having close to two yrs’ experience as a metaverse user and builder, including being on HeadDAO’s metaverse builder team for their (as of yet unrealized) SandBox estate, and having participated in Otherside’s first Voyage earlier this year, I’ll say that I believe Nouns’ best metaverse effort would be to patiently construct a Nounsverse (or other title. Tho that one is kinda cool). This way Nouns aren’t limited to what any one metaverse can(not) do. Nouns currently have a small presence on Voxels world here and here. Lil Nouns are also on Voxels (parcel 7498). I believe this experience can go a considerable way in informing a bigger metaverse move, should Nouns make one. SuperTightWoody and other Nouns should be, imo, consulted regarding their Voxels experience thus far with all positives and shortcomings carefully examined. In this way Nouns can go big in the metaverse with confidence. It is also worth noting that Yuga Labs - according to one of the team heads - plans to bring Otherside out of beta early in 2023. If so, taking note of what is being offered / executed there can only help to shed more light on what Nouns want and don’t want for the Nounsverse (had to say it again). That’s my 13255.98 Gwei (2 cents r n) on this. Thx for reading.

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