Small Grants: [Nouns Royale] Browser 3D game

We propose to create a game inspired by Fall Guys in a browser. The concept revolves around crafting multiple voxel-based obstacle levels, presented as a browser-based 3D game.

This browser-based multiplayer game accommodates 2 to 20 players and leverages PeerJS for networking. Players simply connect, select characters, name rounds, pick a starting level, determine the number of rounds to identify winners, and choose player counts from 2 to 20.

Let’s assume you’ve chosen 3 rounds and 10 players. Upon starting and connecting, all 10 players strive to reach the finish line. Those failing to do so are eliminated, while those progressing proceed to the 2nd round. The final round outcomes establish the leaderboard.

For the 3D characters, we’ll employ models from

Requested Funding:

2 ETH - upfront payment for creating obstacle-based game levels and programming. The following technologies will be utilized: TypeScript, React, Vanilla Three.js,, PeerJS, React-Three-Fiber, Vite.
2 ETH - project completion reward.

Required Development Time after receiving the upfront payment: 2 to 3 months , during which we will deliver 20 game levels , a multiplayer gaming mode, and an aesthetically pleasing UI design.

Important Clarification:
We do not request the upfront payment immediately. We kindly ask the grant committee to wait until the first obstacle level is ready, accompanied by a video showcasing the gameplay.

Any commercial propositions pertaining to this project will be discussed separately. However, we want to convey in advance that the game will be ad-free. Perhaps the optimal approach is to implement a creative mode that enables players to design their own game levels.

Below are several renders illustrating the project’s readiness level and its visual representation in our minds:

We will be augmenting this topic with renders and video demonstrations.

Construction of the first game level has been completed.

We continue working on the first and least challenging game level for players to complete. Subsequent game levels will feature 90-degree turns as well as checkpoints.

An initial concept has emerged:

  • 5 game rounds, each round consisting of 4 game levels.
  • The higher the game round, the greater the difficulty of each of the 4 game levels.
  • When transitioning from one round to another, one of the 4 levels will be chosen randomly.

We are working on the second game level

Level 2