What is the project
Create F.I. a digital board game that uses real world finance challenges and investment scenarios to teach financial literacy.

How it will proliferate Nouns (or already has)
This aspect is uncertain at the moment. I’m open to community feedback and suggestions on this matter.

How much upfront funding you want?
1 Eth Upfront and .5 Eth to be distributed each remaining month as long as I am hitting deadline outline within the first month. I am hoping to complete this project in 6 months.

0-1: Complete SDS, define tasks within project, decide which tasks will be in house and which tasks will be outsourced (if any), and design time based objectives to meet 6 month deadline.

1-3: Begin coding and experimenting with drag and drop board game software to test basic mechanics.

4-6: Continue coding and working out bugs. Have game completed 6 months after start date.

seems like a noble cause and i wish you the best of luck developing this but as you admit this has nothing to do with Nouns

It sounds like a cool idea, but I think you need to flesh this out a lot more. How will your game work? What value will it bring to the DAO? How will it proliferate Nouns? I’m big on the idea that Nouns will eventually need to be known for more than just being Nouns. My desire is that Nouns would be known for being good, and I think your game could help with that.

Work on coming up with some scenarios to show us how it will work with as much detail as possible. I went through and got some Noun heads that could maybe be characters in your game. Technology, investment, industry, etc. There’s a lot to choose from!

Keep working at it, get creative, and expand your idea further.