Small Grants: Nouns Digital Frame

This proposal is for NounsDAO to fund an exciting collaboration between Nouns and The RedFlag, to create an exclusive Nouns Digital Frame.

This proposal includes the production, development and distribution costs for 100 Nouns Digital Frames Limited Edition

Each Nouns Digital Frame will retail for $250

Total proposed cost = 8 ETH - As LOAN to Cash Flow

The total amount will return to NounsDao after the success sales + revenue share

Nouns DAO will receive 10% revenue share per completed order.

At the end of the process, NounsDAO will have all the money back + 10% of the revenue of the 100 pieces and will help a new business to grow.

The Nouns Frame Limited Edition will be available for purchase on The RedFlag website.

All online orders, production and shipment will be handled by us.

These images are only examples. The idea is to create an original video that represents the brand.

It can be done with the community that can vote for the best option of 3 or more videos or created by an artist of the community.

The RedFlag Digital Frame

Do you want to spread the word on Nouns and proudly display your Nouns ownership? Meet the RedFlag Digital Frame.

Nouns on Every NFT

Bring Nouns to life with our special acrylic digital frame. It isn’t just a frame that displays a video. It’s a proud representation of the true ownership of this brand, exclusive to Nouners.

Only 100 Frames will be produced under this Limited Edition collaboration and NounsDAO will receive 10% revenue share per completed order (plus all lent amount).

We’ll create a limited edition and the box will be totally personalized.

The final price of the Nouns Digital Frame will be $250.

The RedFlag Frame Specifications

7 Inches screen

Type C for power charging

Why we’re doing this

TheRedFlag believes that a free society must be achieved by respecting private property, voluntary exchanges between individuals, and the natural order of markets, without government interference. Bitcoin was born with this objective, cryptocurrencies continue to promote the decentralization of money in the world and Nouns promote it through NFTs.

We love and believe in the real value of what Nouns are bringing to the world right now. The Nouns community makes us want to be a part of the action.

We want to help spread the word on Nouns, encourage more NFT ownerships, and increase awareness to non-crypto natives across the globe.


Phase 1 - Design of the special Video and Development.

Phase 2 - Design of the personalized Box

Phase 3 - Production

Phase 4 - Sales, Processing and Shipping.

This proposal is for NounsDAO to fund a LOAN to the design, production and release of the Nouns x RedFlag Digital Frame collaboration.

Phase 1 to 4 = 3 months maximum

Details of the Project:

Design & Development




Total proposed budget = $10.000 or 8 ETH (eth today’s price)

The Company

We are a team of technology enthusiasts and we have been in the NFT market since the beginning of 2021.

We see the future here!

We have more than 4 years of experience with product development and e-commerce and now we want to increase the engagement of projects and communities through our products!

If you want to explore The RedFlag website and products, please visit here our website:

What is the best part?

This is only the first project we have in mind to partner and collaborate with Nouns. We want to show to you guys our quality job and then move on to other great ideas.

Thanks for reading our proposal!

Here is a video of the product: