Small Grants: Generative Postcards, Blockchain Messaging Platform

Small Grants: Generative Postcards

TL;DR: We are creating Nouns Postcards with our owned and operated NFT minter (built). The minting process to be oracle enabled (starting with a responsive time-geo-weather authenticator).

We are considering the structure as a dba project under our current LLC formation: ‘The Fourth DAO LLC’, a Wyoming DAO LLC, governed by our Safe (Gnosis), with membership distributions yet to be determined.

Transaction request 9 ETH to Safe: 0x5827d57e0555b8ccE82632c58eF94BAd7FcFa0E9

Proliferate Nouns

To continue to introduce Nouns to the world we are intentionally taking an inverted approach. Postcards will bring nostalgia, collectability and messaging into a familiar format yet with an advanced blockchain engine to drive future outcomes

Why Postcards: Postcards serve as an easy way to communicate with someone. Images of PLACES emote a reminiscence about a certain time in our lives or a desired location to visit. They are fun to send and fun to receive - including postcards from the place you currently live…representing something about ourselves. Functionally, Postcards are designed for a high context, short message.

⌐◨-◨ ⌐◨-◨ ⌐◨-◨

Ask & Use: 9 ETH

We have foregone a retro funding request; our roadmap to show considerable advancement, yet we are now out of personal funding.

Below you can see our run-rate; we are two (2) months on the project with most of the dev time committed to the backend O&O NFT Minter (completed). We also have page designs in launch-ready wireframes.

The Project is beta operational and nearly over the line. These funds support the push over the last few yard(s).

Importantly, we also aspire to announce this project to the NOUNS community so that we may participate in NOUNS’ aspiration to expand its global vision.

We also feel that we can have fun, be challenged and learn a great deal through participation and experimentation with like minded NOUNers.

9 ETH Funds Breakdown

  • Developers 3 ETH
  • Design team 2 ETH
  • Operations 3 ETH
  • Press release / Mktg 1 ETH
  • This grant to provide the funding needed for two (2) months

The model to be direct to consumer NFT sales. The Pricing and Yield functions are still being discussed, informed through A/B testing and post launch user feedback.

Considerations: Added product features / skews, market dynamics, community feedback, early distribution mechanics / incentives and value distribution back to participants

Stakeholders: The formation of the Wyoming DAO LLC is complete. The structure for its members to be further outlined within the Operating Agreement. We are mindful that reward structures have elements and implications to consider before locking in. For more information here, we would be pleased to share our thoughts / information to date.

Current Stage of Dev

Phase I

  • Core Minter complete
  • Oracle connector complete
  • Product design templates drafted

Phase II

  • On chain message (tested, mvp working)
  • Extended Market modules
  • Complete wireframes and offering
  • Launch


Hello hello happy Friday

of note, we are also building a DAO platform, of which, we are launching a Nouns DAO, Team Nouns DAO

Initial DAO membership, likely 750, 1 ETH participation, Wyoming DAO LLC formation, Gnosis Safe, voting, capital to fund development of core technologies, Messaging on Blockchains (Postcards, etc), generative Nouns NFTs, stamps, scenes, etc, Art and Community Spaces

Post build, capital accumulation, distribute capital via Wyoming LLC DAO guidelines direct to DAO Certificate holders, wallets, quarterly, etc

Also, like other Nouns communities, treasury to allocate capital towards Grant awards

if you find above interesting, have thoughts re: advisement, participation, etc consider connecting

Thank you in advance, Mike

Love this concept! We had a discussion in our studio recently where AirBNB users could mint an NFT specific to their location. IE: an abstract art piece by a local artist in that location, city or country. Could be an interesting way to introduce generative artists to the AirBNB communities.


neat to read, if up for it, share a bit more about futurenow nft studio

also, yes, on concept, super interesting, we’ve built a generative minter and could call a chainlink location oracle, add to metadata, did you create any mockups of the airbnb concept?

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Hello hello happy Monday

Latest on Team Nouns DAO Designs

hello hello, happy monday, designs for a postcard builder, infrastructure working on goerli ethereum

Looks like an interesting solution for the nouns mass adoption of nouns.

But how do you define the target audience? Does the potential target audience of postcards project really overlap with the target audience of nounces? May be meme generator would be better?

thanks for the feedback nikolonoun - great observations.

yes on the mass adoption. this project is primarily a primitive for a future web3 chat platform. A few reasons why postcards:

  • high impact (visual)
  • short message (think Twitter’s early days decisions)
  • nostalgia (a complex, powerful emotion that involves past-oriented cognition and a mixed affective future signature of hope)

The target audience will be anyone that wants to communicate via new web3 layers. In this case the simple start is the card is also a generative NFT with oracles tied to time/date, location, weather

the choice to use Nouns is

  1. the a community in place may find this appealing and fun, so a ‘lighting of the fuse’, so to speak
  2. as to our passion for Nouns brand…this is based on the projects’ revolutionary program as set free in the wild of the public domain. Nouns furthers the concepts around future “headless brands” driven bottoms up in direction by community i.e precursors to many future DAO structures
  3. with the subtle placement of a Noun on every card we’re taking a page from the “Intel Inside” marketing campaign, one of the most successful GLOBAL branding campaigns in history.

Their strategy created a household name for an item, for which the general public knew nothing about, and furthermore could not see or prove it was even there performing its function as a product.

With Nouns subtly placed on every postcard there becomes a ‘message’ that Nouns are everywhere - global - and inserted into key moments/experiences in our lives (see nostalgia above)

i.e see the Sydney card mock up example. This could easily have basic oracle data, and next layers such as performance utility function related to the Sydney Opera House (music, invites, news, upcoming events, recordings, tourism info – a micro site within. The dimensions underlying the user message written ‘smart’ get very fun and interesting

would enjoy thoughts back on the above, and thanks again for the interest!



Looks good. Would love to see this move forward.


Good idea. May be could be interesting to mint an NFT for each postcard at the same time? Some kind of “paper and blockchain intersection”. How do You think?

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