Small Grants: Docu-Series on Food Accessibility - Environmental Noun

Docuseries illuminating instability of food systems in the greater Chicago area and beyond.

Hi Nouns & Co.

A friend of mine and his companions are in the works creating a pilot Docuseries. I advocated bridging this to the Nouns ecosystem and so here I am. With this first draft of the proposal, I would love to gather feedback, thoughts/opinions and answer questions.

Economic and environmental instability of food systems around the globe with an anchor on food scarcity and accessibility to healthy fresh food in the greater Chicago area and beyond.

The pilot highlights the food system by creating an avenue to gratify and create content for people and organisations that deserve attention for being innovative, sustainable and ecological. Evidently fit to the community and the social of the Nouns essence.

A Docuseries powered by NounsDAO creating in-depth content on the local communities with focus topics; Food Sourcing/Scarcity, Sustainable Practices, Green Technologies, Community Development, and Governance.

Align together and push people and/or communities who are doing good on the front. Increasing awareness of practises and the best work to further continue fueling the fun, open-sourced positive energy of Nouns.

  • Coming together on shared values and experimenting with the multitudes between various backgrounds.
  • Leveraging opportunities for the local communities by connecting through shared values and perceptions.
  • Simply be nounish.

Milestone 1: June 15th - June 30th

  • Place of pilot episode being chosen by the Nouns Community
  • List of farms and destinations - TBA

Milestone 2: July 15th - to XYZ Video editing

  • Log footage.
  • Timeline creation consistent with the Docu-Series storyboard.
  • Rough cut and trimming of the first draft down to one equals a neat tidy draft.
  • Fine cut focuses on refining each and every itty bitty frame.
  • Colour grading, Audio mixing, Special effects & Closed captioning.

Milestone 3: Post production

  • Post-production deliverable.
  • Awareness campaign within the Nouns Eco-System leveraging NounsPress, Nouns Marketing Studio etc.


  1. Connect people that are interested in the same practices of sustainable acts.
  2. Bigger picture it being multiple episodes (10 episodes 30-45 minute episodes giving in-depth looks).
  3. Understanding where your food comes from. Conduct more abundance and less food scarcity.
  4. Empower people, soil and water on the ground who are actually doing the work.
  5. Ambition to leverage education and awareness.
  6. Want to bridge this into WEB3 audiences.


  • If welcoming and a success, the following could be extension ideas.
  • Replicate the format and procedure in other countries I.e. other communities in the United States, Netherlands or Germany.
  • It may also be worth a thought about Nouns in particular as an episode. Through recordings of the twitter spaces, discourse proposals and extensive promotion of the decentralised funding mechanism.
  • Continue to leverage education on the spectrum of topics related to Sustainability.
  • Interoperability in terms of letting Nouns decide what is up next.

This is being done with or without funding, but hoping to elevate the production with a small grant. Also, if any Nouners are nearby in the Chicago area, we would love to meet up in person, have a talk, create a dialogue and thrive towards further Nouns proliferation.

How do you think we can scale this with focus on the WEB3 sphere?
Would you like to see a pilot episode before funding us for further content?
What are your thoughts on the next steps proliferating the Nouns related to the topic above?
In what ways can you see conscious promotion being incorporated Nouns?

Thank you for reading and looking forward to the discussion! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, appreciate the proposal and this sounds like a great cause, but I don’t see what this has to do with Nouns and you admit you don’t need the funding so I am afraid this is not the type of thing we fund

I am one of the members working on this docu-series and I appreciate the fact that you know what you want.
I recently have learned about the nouns and still learning on how it works. I admire what is being done here with the experimentation of these new funding mechanisms and organization of community and was hoping to incorporate this inspiring work here with nouns, with the inspiring people that grow our food in sustainable ways.

Would love to have your thoughts on how we can merge these?

Whether an audience that is passionate about new technologies, helping out each other, resilient self sustaining systems, and the appreciation for life could emerge by showing visually how some of these systems work?

With regards to funding it would help our group immensely and we could pay ourselves for the work and incorporate a larger production, with that I understand that it may not be right for you to fund this venture but we believe that shedding light on our short beautiful growing season and the communities around it in a visually stunning way will help bring us together and shed vision on how we can be better together.

Either way I love to see what is going on here in this space I will keep learning on its workings, it inspires me to want to work within it and use it as a guide to help bring its abundance to others.