Small grants: Cozy&Community-Governed Nouns Farcaster Client for the Nouns App


This was drafted quickly after reading a Farcaster Discussion on the Nouns Channel -I definitely invite everyone to share the opinions and discuss this idea!

As @noun40 reasonably mentioned on Farcaster Nouns channel - the need of surfacing high signal casts for the community to neft low signal engagement farms or bots is crucial to create a cozy and community-based experience using a Farcaster channel.

Farcaster is now a great alternative to Lens where the prevalence of bots and airdrop farmers increased shifting the vibe from being niche-cozy to being shallow and irrelevant.

The bots posts like “Having fun on Farcaster” from “Follow back” accounts can’t be at the top of the feed. Neither it feels great for the community members nor it’s appealing to the newcomers.

Community management on Farcaster is a necessity to keep the cozy vibes going - and it should be done by the community itself!

We are a small Prague-based team researching identity&reputation for more than a year. Ruslan and Nichita are 2 full stack devs and Helena is doing everything else (like design/product/marketing/communications).
we are working on - a research and PoC into the ecosystem/community exploration.

Our proposal is about developing a community-governed content sorting system for the Nouns channel based on the personalities. This would be best incorporated into the existing Nouns iOS app which is already being used but can also be a simple Farcaster client.


The methodology is simple:

real nouners and active allies should get more attention - because we all come to the Farcaster channel to see Nouns-related updates, real humans posts and opinions and community activity.

Speaking on behalf of smart contracts like bots do is cool - but not the primary goal.

Therefore, there should be a simple farcaster client that allows:

  1. View a tab with real people casting about community-related things only
  2. View a tab with the bots update only
  3. View a tab with a chronological order

Therefore there’s a process of classifying who is a real human and who is casting about the community-related events.

For this, we will apply our personalities structure.

Personalities are on-chain attestations made with EAS based on the on-chain or off-chain activity, especially social attestations.

  • Nounder - one of the Nouns Founding team
  • Noun - someone owning a Noun NFT
  • Nouns Public’s Favorite - someone getting likes on the Nouns casts
  • Nouns Contributor - someone who submitted a candidate proposal
  • Web3 folk - anyone having one of the custom general-to-web3 activities that are not popular amongst bot farmers (such as a published article on Mirror, owning a pricey NFT, hacker POAP or deployed a contract to mainnet)

Channel members owning personalities can also use commenting as an approach for hiding the posts even if they are getting farmed likes. Commenting anything that signifies that the cast is low signal (”this is off-topic”, “please do not spam”, etc - based on the list of the most popular phrases) will yield into moving the cast lower in the feed.

Each new personality or modifications to the current personalities can be submitted by the community either by creating a PR to be merged (the open-source project’s contributors able to merge PRs should be defined by the community) or by requesting that to the community.


The personalities will help real people relevant to the community get discovered will create a cozy community on Farcaster just as Nouns are.

By taking into account the community feedback, likes on Farcaster become a tool to understand the social response to the people and only those people that are real and relevant to the community will be discoverable - while the client’s maintenance will always be open to the community.

For this proposal we ask for 6 ETH funding to work on the project for 1-2 months approximately and be able to do the soft launch and test it with the community to add changes as edits.